Which Post in PCS is Best?

Which post in PCS is best for you? What kind of responsibilities come with it? The answer varies with the department and seniority. In this article, we will take a closer look at the various posts in PCS and discuss the benefits and advantages of each. The role of PCS officers is varied and varies with seniority. Some roles are more civil in nature, while others focus on security and safety.

During the recruitment process, you will be given a number of options for your post. The State Service Commission (SSC) will conduct the competitive exam. The selection process for PCS officers is highly competitive, and you will need to prepare well to stand out from the competition. There are three levels to PCS recruitment. First, you must pass the exam. Second, the post must fit you. You must be a high student and have a good academic record.

Third, you need to have a good background in a particular field. The PCS exam is similar to civil service exams, but different. It is open to both men and women, and requires a graduation degree. Lastly, you must be at least 40 years old. This means you need to have a good amount of knowledge about current events in your field. If you are a civilian, you can also consider the post of a civilian.

The highest post in PCS is the Sub Divisional Magistrate. This position is considered the most powerful in a district. It also makes you eligible to become an IAS after a certain period of service. A Sub Divisional Magistrate has significant authority in the district and is responsible for the police order in the area. In addition, the SDM is directly responsible for dealing with the Superintendent of Police. It is important to be aware of the qualification requirements for this post.

A PCS officer’s role is varied. Depending on the post, they are responsible for collecting land revenue and executing state government policies at the local level. The position is typically at the subdivisional or sub divisional level, and may be promoted to City magistrate, Additional Divisional Commissioner, or even Chief Development Officer. Other PCS officer posts include municipal commissioners, additional municipal commissioners, and vice-chairmen of municipal boards.

The UPPSC conducts the Combined State/Upper Subordinate Examination every year to recruit the state’s top officials. SDM, SP, CTO, and BDO are among the posts that come with these titles. Aspirants may want to consider these positions as top choices in the PCS exam. If you are unsure of which one is best for you, seek help from an expert career counselor.

The salary and benefits of each position vary. However, both posts have many advantages. For example, PCS officers have greater scope for career growth than IAS officers. While both are considered to be equally good for higher-level positions, PCS officers’ payscales are more flexible, and promotions in the PCS take longer. And, as a PCS officer, you may be able to remain in your home state for the entire service.


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