Similar in Look, But Dissimilar in Qualities, Never Create a Mess between a Plantain and a Banana

There are about 2000 fruits in the world, such as apple, avocados, banana, blackberries and many more. Banana is quite famous around the world. Especially in the American diet, bananas are a necessity. Banana has a lot of benefits. It improves digestive health and even helps in losing weight.  Bananas contain helpful antioxidants and nutrients, and it also helps to maintain blood glucose level. You can have bananas with cereal for breakfast, or you can have them as a snack.

General Information about Plantains

Typically bananas are yellow; however, there is a thing similar to it. It is known as plantain. It is green in colour, and it looks like a banana. Although it is a fruit, at times, people cook it as a vegetable. However, the starch level in plantain is higher than in a banana. Unlike bananas, plantains can’t we eat raw as it is pretty more challenging and less sweet. If you want to remember more straightforwardly, you can place plantain as the earlier version of a banana.

Health Benefits of Plantains

Starting from appetizer to deserts, people can make a lot of dishes using plantain. For example, Baked Plantain Frittata, Plantain Mofongo, Plantain Pancakes and many more. Like bananas, plantains are pretty beneficial to health. When you cook plantains, their nutrients level become quite the same as a potato. Here are some health benefits of plantains.

  1. Plantain Contains High Level of Fibre

Fibre is essential for digestive health as it improves bowel regularity. Fibre also can reduce your risk of hemorrhoids. It also regulates the cholesterol level of the body. Fibre protects your large intestine from certain diseases and slows down digestion.

  1. Plantains Contain Antioxidants

We all are aware that antioxidants are vital for a healthy body. Antioxidants protect our body from free radicals by destroying them. Otherwise, free radicals would damage cells of the body. Even free radicals can cause heart diseases and cancer. Antioxidants prevent aging also.

  1. Plantains are Highly Nutritious

Plantains have a high amount of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. And each of these things has different functions in our body.

  • Minerals- Minerals makes your bones stronger, increase the speed of nerve transmission. Minerals are also essential in making hormones.
  • Carbohydrates- Carbohydrate is a source of energy for our body. And the point released from carbohydrates is essential in regulating body temperature, and also organs need the power to function correctly.
  • Vitamins- Each type of vitamin has different functions. Overall, vitamins boost up the immune system, repair damaged cells and helps to heal wounds quickly.
  1. Plantain Helps in Losing Weight

As mentioned earlier, plantains have a high amount of fibres, and fibres slow down digestion; thus, you will feel full. Therefore you will crave food less.

  1. Plantains are Rich in Potassium

Potassium is good for health. It helps in maintaining the level of cell and body fluids. Even it controls blood pressure as well as heart rate.

Both bananas and plantains are good for your health. Your diet must have these items. If you ripen plantains, it will taste like bananas to some extend. However, don’t overcook Plantains as it will destroy all the nutrients present.


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