Where to Find Entertainment for Your Cultural Event

Keeping a crowd entertained is always a major part of any event. This is especially true for cultural events where the whole point is to showcase the art and traditions of a specific community.

If you have a Latin American-themed, for example, you would want to hire Latin singers who can accurately represent their own culture’s musical traditions.

How do you find these talented performers, though? In our increasingly modern and homogenized society, how do you offer event-goers an authentic celebration of multicultural diversity and historically-rooted entertainment?

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Search Online Talent Agencies

Searching online talent agencies can be one of the easiest ways to find performers for a specific event. There are a number of apps and websites that help put you in touch with a wide variety of artists and also provide you with such important info as the details of their act and their booking fees.

Online talent agencies are also an easy way for you to find artists that might not be in your area or that you may not even know you were looking for. These agencies will help you to file through options of performers to help you find the right fit for your event.

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Because these agencies allow you to see how much a performer will cost to hire, it also allows you to rule out performers who are outside your budget range without you having to contact them, which only results in wasted time for both you and them. At the same time, you can get an idea of what your budget should be and adjust accordingly.

Online talent agencies are a great option because do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is pony up the dough.

Talk to Fellow Event Organizers

Event organizing can feel likely a lonely job sometimes, but it’s important to remember that whatever dilemma you’re facing, someone else has faced it before. Don’t be afraid to ask your peers for advice. They might have the inside knowledge that you might be looking for.

Someone who has organized a similar event in the past, for example, might know where you can look for entertainment options, or they might know someone who knows someone who knows someone. If an organizer has already hired a certain performer in the past, then they can even act as a referral for you.

Fellow event organizers are usually in the same boat that you are and can act as a good filtering system for acts that you should stay away from. If they have had a not-so-pleasant experience from hiring a specific performer, they can save you the trouble by allowing you to automatically move on from that performer. 

That saves you the time of looking into potentially problematic performers, and can also help you to find acts that more ideally fit the needs of your event.

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Connect with Local Performers

Sometimes the best way to find entertainment when you need it most is to be proactive about connecting with local artists before you them.

Networking and investing time in your local creative community allows you to become more than just a potential customer. Essentially, you can develop a personal connection with local artists, which can lead to more fruitful collaborations in the future.

Connecting with locals has numerous “practical” benefits as well; for example, if you’re strapped for cash, a performer you already have a working relationship with might be willing to give you a discount. Or, if you need live entertainment at the last minute because someone else canceled, a local creator you already know might be willing to drop other plans to help you out.

Often, organizing cultural events isn’t solely about showcasing foreign cultures; it’s also about building a culture within your own organization or community.

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