GTA V Special Ability Guide

What makes GTA V special and different from the previous versions is the option of playing the game with three different characters. Not only that, but all three characters have a special ability of their own. This is something newly added to GTA V and not many new players know how to use it effectively. Check out this guide to learn more!

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What are the special abilities in GTA V?

Special abilities are unique abilities that are assigned to all the main characters in GTA V. Each of the protagonists has a special ability that suits them.

Franklin’s special ability

Since the beginning of the game, Franklin has had missions related to cars and driving. It’s only natural for him to have a driving-related special ability.

His ability is called Driving Focus. Activate this ability while driving any vehicle to slow down the time. With the help of this ability, you can dodge, turn corners, drift, and much more pretty easily.

This ability lasts for a maximum duration of 30 seconds. It is very effective in racing missions, escaping from cops, and heists.

Just driving around normally as Franklin will slowly increase this ability; however, there are few instances that add a bonus to this ability’s increasing speed. Drifting, driving on the wrong side of the road, driving at almost maximum speed and near-vehicle misses are bonuses to this ability.

Michael De Santa’s special ability

Michael is known to be a really good marksman in GTA V. He has an ability that slows down time around him and gives you an advantage while firing a gun. This ability is called Area Kill. It also lasts for 30 seconds and is perfect for missions that include shootouts.

This cannot be used while in a car; you have to be on foot to use this ability. Here are a few things that increase this skill much faster: Headshots, When your health drops below 25 percent, stealth kills, and when you drive vehicles at maximum speed.

Trevor Philip’s special ability

Trevor’s special ability is called Red Mist. This ability sends Trevor into a frenzy, allowing him to deal more damage while also taking less damage from his enemies. The best part about this ability is that any lethal explosion or accident will not kill Trevor when this ability is active. Just like the rest of the other protagonists’ abilities, this too lasts for 30 seconds and slows down time (not as much as Michael and Franklin’s abilities).

It perfectly suits Trevor’s playstyle and is really effective when going on a rampage! Here’s how to increase this ability faster: taking damage, headshots, getting hit by vehicles, falling, failing missions, and more.


In missions like racing, chasing, and escaping, where you are required to drive a lot, choose Franklin as your character if possible. Few missions force you to play with their assigned character; if that’s not the case, choose whichever protagonist suits the mission.

Michael is really good at missions that require you to eliminate a lot of enemies. His ability, “Area Kill,” is really effective when it comes to gunfights. You might have already seen how effective the skill was during the first mission.

Trevor comes very late in the game; however, his ability is really effective for most of his missions. Most of Trevor’s missions include a lot of action, so his special ability is very handy.

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