What is Ke Tuong?  How to play cards to turn the situation around

 What is Ke Tuong? that even veteran bettors have to be wary of when encountering? The concept of odds refers to a type of door set to trap the player, causing the seemingly bright winning chance to become “death’s door”. What is the nature of this term, how is it shown on the ratio table and is there any way to resolve it? Together New888 Casino is looking for answers right here.

 What is Ke Tuong? 

Bet bet is a term in soccer betting, also known by names like bet bet, bet bet. Basically, it makes the betting odds of any one bet extremely bright, attracting money to flow to that door. However, what happens is completely opposite because it is the house who holds the final advantage.

What is Cheet Tuong and the essence that needs to be understood?

Rou Tuong is only discovered by experienced players. The reason is because from the outside, Tuong bets are just like other types of bets. Only when you have gone through many matches will you know how unusual this ratio is compared to normal.

The nature of the bet is that it can appear at any time, including before and during the match. The more matches there are, the higher the odds of cheating and many people fall into the trap. That’s also the reason why the saying “If you haven’t lost money because of gambling, you’re immature”.

How to recognize what is a rafter?

Keo tuong has many manifestations to recognize, focusing mainly on the following 4 forms.

The stronger team handicaps the weaker team at a “chestnut” rate.

This is one of the “deadly” traps that almost everyone has encountered and must remember What is Cheong Tuong? for a lifetime. When you encounter a handicap, you will see that the two teams have a large difference in level but the handicap is surprisingly cheap. Just like that, people and families poured into the upper door with the mentality of “maybe we can’t win”. However, that absurdity always happens in one way or another.

At the end of the match, there is an under to win high

According to common sense, the closer to the end of the match the bonus coefficient isdoor Over will go higher and if you choose under, you will win lower. However, those who have met What is Cheong Tuong?  said they were trapped because there were only a few minutes left in the match but they chose to under and win extremely high. At that time, everyone thought that just a few more minutes would help the players buy time, so winning wouldn’t be difficult. However, as soon as I entered the bet, a goal immediately appeared, taking away that seemingly very lucrative investment.

Odds create extremely attractive bets in theory

The two teams have strong attacks but low goals

In this case, the two teams have statistics of scoring a lot of goals, have a high probability of winning, and are famous. However, the house still offers a fairly comfortable over/under mark to lure players into the over bet. Of course, the match that followed was extremely boring, unlike the numbers shown.

Odds increase or decrease 2 times

Case What is Cheong Tuong? The last thing that is easy to encounter is when the handicap ratio fluctuates by 2 units. For example, one day before the match, the top team’s handicap is 1/4, but close to kick-off time, the handicap increases to 3/4. Many people feel that the bookies seem to be valuing the upper team more and enter the bet without thinking. However, reality shows that in 90% of these situations, the underdog wins in an inexplicable way.

The reason appeared What is Cheong Tuong? 

In the process of deciphering the rafter code, many people ask themselves why the rafter appears.

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The dealer knows more than you

The betting teams of each unit are all leading experts in the field, and are supported by many powerful tools. They set the odds based on many factors such as form, confrontation, strength, motivation, etc. They are all highly reliable and authentic bases, bringing the chances of winning to an equal level. so nothing is too fragrant.

The bookmaker closely follows the developments of every match

At a time, a person can watch one, two or a maximum of only 3 matches. However, the house has eyes and ears everywhere to know whether the upper or lower team is playing better at this time. High or low game tempo. That’s why sometimes, with only a few minutes left, you choose the under bet because of the high reward coefficient but still lose.

Don’t think any bet is too fragrant because everything has been considered by the house

What is the way to bet when encountering Tuong odds?

Although the odds make players extremely uncomfortable because they go against the usual rules, there are still ways you can overcome it.

  • Play many codes and many bets to practice determining some real odds and statistics of their results over a period of time.
  • Update and do not miss information that has a direct impact on the match, especially cases where key players are absent due to injury, competitive motivation, dirty past,…
  • Do not play big in matches with unusual handicaps or over/unders. If you want to try a bet, just choose the opposite of what the majority thinks.


Casino  New88 introduced to you  What is Cheong Tuong? , signs as well as how to play when encountering fraudulent bets. In addition, to avoid falling into traps, choose a reputable betting address. Access Right dealer New88 to always be provided with transparent and clear betting odds.


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