Incredible Reports Say, There are Some Nations around the Where a Male is for Two or above Females

In the world, there are about 195 countries. And there is some information that there are about 50 other nations, but they are independent territories. In all countries, the sex ratio is an essential factor. The sex ratio is the men are to women ratio of a particular country. In every country, the percentage varies. In rare cases, the proportion of the population is equal.

Normally women live longer than most men. If the ratio in any country changes, it means the death rate of gender increases due to some reasons. And this is not a good sign. In most countries, there are more males than females; thus, the sex ratio is always above 1. For example, in Qatar, 75% of the population is male. However, in some countries in the world where the female people are more excellent than men.

Five Countries Where Number of Females Is Higher

  1. Curacao

In Curacao, the percentage of the female is around 54.6%. In terms of ratio, there are 121.80 women per men. It is a Dutch Caribbean island. Apart from its balance, the country has a lot of recognition for its beaches, coral reefs. Curacao is a constituent country that belongs in the kingdom of the Netherlands. About 164,093 people are living in the country. And Curacao is a third world country.

  1. Latvia

In Latvia, 54.2% of the population is women. It is situated in north-eastern Europe, or you can say it is located in the middle of the three Baltic States. There are 118.52 women per men in this country. It is full of wide beaches and dense, sprawling forests. The total population of the country is 1.92 million.

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  1. Martinique

Martinique has a population of 375,265 people, and amongst it, roughly 53% of the population is female. Martinique is an island nation in France and a part of Lesser Antilles. The country is famous for its hills and gardens.

  1. Lithuania

It is a country in Europe. More specifically, in the Baltic region. Its total population is 2.7 million. Lithuania is quite large, with an area of 65,300 km2. In this country, almost 54% population is women. In other words, there are around 117.32 women per men. The government has eight hundred years of statehood tradition.

  1. Ukraine

Ukraine is a pretty polluted country with a population of 41.6 million people. However, most of the people are female. The female population of this country is 53.9%. It is situated in Eastern Europe. In the whole world, it is the 32nd most populated country. The government is full of plains and plateaus, and these two things make the country beautiful.

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In a country, both females and males are important. Men and women have different niches in a country. Gender roles mean the way people are expected to act, groom, dress, speak depending on their gender. A woman can be a housewife, and even she can be an owner of a company. Even a man can be a world-famous chef. Even in many countries, some female presidents can run the country very smoothly.

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