How is Current Affairs Quiz Useful in UPSC Exams

Learning current affairs is part and parcel of preparing for the UPSC Exams. The reason for this is simple: Current affairs is the most effective way to test a potential candidate’s dynamic knowledge.

Future civil servants are supposed to be aware of the happenings in the world, and preparing for current affairs is a novel way to enhance one’s dynamic knowledge.

In addition to newspapers, magazines, editorials, current affairs quiz is also useful for preparation in the UPSC Exam.

This article will give details on how useful the current affairs quiz is.

Benefits of Current Affairs Quiz

The benefits of taking the current affairs quiz are as follows:

Quick overview of current affairs topics: Current affairs are a broad topic to be covered. It is a herculean task considering the amount of time that is left for the main exam. Current affairs quizzes help in getting a quick overview of important and trending current affairs topics, in a short span of time.

Helps in other competitive exams: Current affairs quiz will help in brushing up on the latest trending topics that will be useful not just for UPSC Exams, but also for other competitive exams as well.

Interlinking of current issues: Most of the questions that will be asked in the current affairs quiz will be interlinked with current issues happening at both the domestic and international levels. Current affairs quiz will help in bringing up to speed the candidates on the latest topics of importance.

Extra knowledge can be gained: Current affairs quizzes are a storehouse of knowledge akin to newspapers, and magazines, though admittedly the volume is higher in comparison. Nevertheless, current affairs quizzes can help in gaining knowledge at a quick pace.

Current affairs quiz helps in making notes: Current affairs quizzes are useful tools in making short notes for the UPSC Exams as the questions and answers in the quiz are in the ideal format for this.

Current affairs quiz helps in assessment: The current affairs quiz is most beneficial when it comes to testing a candidate’s knowledge. A current affairs quiz will also assess how well-versed the candidate is in his/her UPSC preparation.

How to Prepare for Current Affairs Quiz

Now that you know the benefits of studying for a current affairs quiz, it’s time for some quick tips on preparing for it tunai4d:

  1. Gauge the scope of the exam syllabus:

Understanding the scope of the exam syllabus is the first step in exam preparation. Once you are clear with that, identifying the information sources becomes easy.

  1. Select the right resources:

There is no shortage of resources to choose from, when it comes to UPSC Exam preparation. Well organised and curated source materials can be found in many UPSC-related preparation related websites. These resources will help you in studying current affairs in a clean and efficient manner.

  1. Schedule study time:

A well organised study plan that is executed in a proper manner is a key to effective preparation. If a single source is your preparation material source, then your study schedule should be organised around that source.

  1. Ensure regular revision:

The more you revise current affairs, the better your memory retention.

To keep up with the latest developments in 2021, candidates can visit the Current Affairs 2021 page that has been linked. The page is regularly updated with news on a wide range of subjects from economics to international affairs to science and technology, and so on.


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