What is the AWS CloudFront?

It was a time when owning a Content Delivery Network was highly uncommon for companies because of its high cost and complex IT infrastructure. Now, AWS CloudFront has helped users request data, resulting in low latency, minimal traffic on the network, and speedy data access for a minimal cost. This makes it a prevalent network. Learning to use the AWS CloudFront could be more straightforward with the AWS Training and Certification.

What exactly is AWS CloudFront?

AWS CloudFront is a global distribution network provided through Amazon Web Services, which safely transfers content, including SDKs, software videos, and more. For clients with a fast speed.

Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery service used in conjunction with the various other Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer developers an easy method of distributing content to users.

This service is beneficial for businesses that need faster response times and large files that need to make these files available to an adequate quantity of customers. When the content is stored into an origin server such as the Amazon Simple Storage Service bucket or an Elastic Compute Cloud instance, it’s distributed to various CloudFront servers as the content is demanded.

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CloudFront offers features like Dynamic Site Acceleration, which is a method employed to improve the delivery of content online; however, it isn’t able to alter the structure of content, such as shrinking files or changing pictures into animated pictures sprites. CloudFront enhances the speed of distribution of content that is dynamic by bringing content closer to users, allowing it to minimize the time spent in retrieving content.

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Amazon CloudFront is an excellent option for anyone creating a website that distributes many content items that require Scale-up. It helps reduce the cost of running a website and increases the site’s efficiency by offering fast data transfer speeds, low latency, and pay-as-you-go pricing.

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The advantages of AWS CloudFront

  • It will save your content at the edges and reduce the load, which results in higher accessibility of applications.
  • It’s easy to use and guarantees an increase in productivity.
  • It gives you high security by incorporating the “Content Privacy feature.
  • It provides GEO targeting services to ensure content delivery to specific users.
  • It makes use of HTTP as well as HTTPS protocols to speed up the transmission of data.
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Let’s take a look at the various components of CloudFront.


Distributions are the implementation of CloudFront. It serves as a pointer to the original content you host within an AWS or a custom source. The origins of the content must be identified in the distribution so that CloudFront can determine where to find information when a request is received, and there is no content inside the cache.


Origins define the Amazon S3 bucket or HTTP server, which could also be an EC2 server from which CloudFront receives the content. The origins must at least be set up. To ensure security and ensure that your origin can deliver contents via CloudFront, you have many things you can do. You can make use of an OAI (Origin Access Identity) for S3 to restrict access to your S3 buckets to only CloudFront. Any other request that is not from CloudFront is denied. You can sign a URL, which means that CloudFront can connect to the origin, and it will only respond when the contents on the signed URL are legitimate. You may also opt to make use of an Origin Custom header that connects CloudFront to your origin, and according to the content of the header, the origin will try to find the header. If it is not found or the information is wrong, your request is rejected.

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Behaviors are the place where you’re capable of making all configurations. It permits you to implement rules modify or alter the kind of content provided based on who’s asking for it, or for how long an item will be kept in the cache. CloudFront Distributions come with one to several Behaviors, but there’s always a default Behavior. There are different behaviors according to precedence order and when in the order of precedence, there is no condition that is fulfilled in the order of precedence, the default behavior will be used.

Tags, Restrictions, Errors, and Tags

CloudFront lets you limit access based on the person’s geographic area who is requesting access without additional cost. You can choose to white or black-list a specific place. This may be because of security reasons or the reality that you have only the right to disseminate content to a select number of regions. Errors permit you to display an error page if there’s an error. You can store this error webpage for a specific period and define the response code to be transmitted.

AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall)

AWS WAF assists in protecting your web applications from common vulnerabilities which could impact your application’s availability, security, or consumption resources. It allows you to create custom security rules that determine what traffic is allowed and not. It’s a 7 Layer Application Protection feature integrated into all CloudFront Edge locations across the globe.

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