Entirely Free Courses Can Change Your Entire Life within the Time of Blink

Distant learning or distance education is where students do not need to attend classes physically. They do the classes via the internet on Zoom, Microsoft Office, and other platforms. The online class is much common nowadays because of the pandemic where classes are taken online. These free online courses can boost your CV, broaden your horizon, increase your career prospects, and help you gain knowledge in your emotive subjects. In these online courses, you can learn at your own pace and spend less money on abroad study programs.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

According to Wothappen It is the most prestigious university that ranked first in the QS World University Rankings. MIT provides certain free online courses where you can choose any subject to learn and start whenever you want. Classes are delivered via Open Course Ware. Though you can gain a lot of knowledge by doing these courses, you would not get any certificates for them. Some of the courses offered are:

Number theory I: This course covers a wide range of topics on algebraic and analytic number theory.

Microeconomic Theory and Public Policy: This course teaches the basics of economics and how to use microeconomic theory for public policy analysis.

Making Books: The Renaissance and Today: This course shows the impact of technology on recording words and images during the printing press, an adaptation of electricity on communications, and digital media.

Harvard University

Harvard provides over 600 free online courses, including:

Justice: It is a course that covers moral and political philosophy. It is a 12-week course that explains the analysis of classical and current theories.

The Health Effects of Climate Change: it is a seven-week process that shows how global warming affects human health and how we can lessen the effects.

CS50: It teaches the basics of programming and computer science.

Shakespeare’s Life and Work: It explores Shakespeare’s plays while also giving in-depth detail about his biography. It is a 4-week course which also covers the Elizabethan modern and historical performance.

University of California 

They also offer a variety of courses such as:

Introduction to Electronics: It is specified for the student who is interested in electrical engineering. They give in-depth details of a diode, resistor, transistor, etc.

Better business writing in English: It helps you develop writing skills and practice them in different kinds of business communications.

Georgia Institute of Technology 

It has been offering online courses since 2012, and over 3.3 million people have taken them. Some of the most chosen courses are:

Data Analytics in Business: It teaches you data and business analytics. Using these business analytic algorithms, you can find business datasets.

Innovation leadership: It is a six-week course that helps you become an innovative leader and explains how they play a significant role in society’s growth.

Supply Chain Principles: This 15-hour course introduces the students who want to pursue a career in it and gives you enough knowledge to know about the available career paths.

You can easily find these courses in learning platforms like Coursera, edX, and FutureLearn, where it is accessible to anyone to gain these high qualities and low-price courses.


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