Bigg Boss 13 Episode 125 Highlights

In the Bigg Boss 13 episode 125 highlights, Asim Riaz argues with Paras Chhabra about bori. Vikas complains to Mahira that Asim is not following the rules. Vishal tries to make things better by telling Mahira that she should follow the rules. Meanwhile, Mahira empties her bori. After all, it’s her day to get revenge.

The housemates begin to argue and fight. Afraid of the fight, Vikas removes Aarti and tells everyone to watch their backs. Vikas also threatens to evict Kashmera and Paras. Arti also shouts at Shefali, who is the sister of Vishal Aditya Singh. Kashmera throws the money at Asim and faints.

Season thirteen of Bigg Boss continues with more twists and turns. Sidharth Shukla makes his return to the house, but is under doctor’s supervision. He has a tough time getting around the housemates, but he’s determined to win the show. Shehnaaz is given the nickname ‘Begum.’ Hina Khan also gives responsibility to a few of the connections.

Day 125 of the Bigg Boss season concluded with the captaincy race. After Arti’s controversial move, Vikas evicted Kashmera and declared her out of the captaincy race. But, the housemates were divided into two teams. Kunal suggested that the two women who fought each other should target each other, but Kashmera told them that Vikas wasn’t her person.

The captaincy task was also interesting. Earlier, two of the contestants chose Shehbaz Badesha as the toughest competitor, and both of them smashed the skull of Arti. The captaincy task was also changed. In the episode 125 highlights, Salman announces that no eviction will happen on Day 105, but the nominations will carry over the next week.

Sidharth, Shehnaz, and Shahbaz clash over household duties. Vishal and Sidharth Shukla argue over whether or not to give the task to their partners. When Vishal says he won’t listen to the other contestants, Shahbaz asks him to tell his side of the story. Sidharth and Shehnaz have a heated argument over this issue.

Sid and Rashami are attempting to bring the contestants out of the shells. Sid, Asim, and Rashami will try to rescue them, while Arti and Mahira are in danger of getting nominated. The two contestants will continue to be nominated. There will be an episode 125 highlights video to follow! And don’t forget to check out the Bigg Boss 13 episode 125 highlights video!

Salman and Himanshi have a heated discussion on Asim’s girlfriend and his other girl. However, they’re both swayed by their rivalry, and Asim is not happy with Salman’s behavior. Salman, in the end, confronts Asim for being after Himanshi. Salman then tells him that he’s not interested in her, but he’s just looking for his next love interest.

In the next task, Sid and Asim will face a new test. They have to figure out who will win a task, which involves selling a gift basket. Sid and Asim’s task will be a test of honesty and integrity. The other contestants will face challenges from a new challenge – a task where they must work together to win the task. This task has been dubbed ‘Sid’ by the Bigg Boss team.


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