Asian Countries Which Will Cost only $100 to Spend a Week and Turn Your Holiday into Heaven

Holidays are an essential part when it comes to mental and physical health. It brings liveliness and productivity from a mundane lifestyle. Most importantly, Asia has 48 countries, making it the biggest continent. Here we are presenting you with some cheapest countries in Asia that can meet your wanderlust with the minimum cost to save your pocket!


The Maldives is a fascinating country choice for travelling on a low budget. The number of inns and hotels are rising, hence offering travellers to stay at an affordable cost. You can remain on Mabuchi Island, with the most transparent water, where there are some luxuriant resorts right after the beaches, and you can stay there for $20 per person. Hence, you can explore all the beautiful sights of Maldives only at $55 altogether, including the expense of food which may cost you $10 and other expenditures within $15.

Nevertheless, Maldives is one of the best choices within your budget to enjoy the charming landscape view incessantly with your friends and family.


Vietnam is one of the most affordable holiday destinations if you want a tour in a beautiful place; however, keeping the budget short. You can hike on elevated hills; visit Dragon Bridge that blows fire! Vietnam has an enormous cave system for tourists. You can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of nature, the perfect beach sidewalk. And for that, you can stay a night at an ordinary guesthouse for under $15!

Moreover, you can also spend a night at a luxurious 5star hotel for under $100. You can go to a boutique hotel with a clean, bright environment, and it’s super comfortable.


Bali, an incredible island, is located in Indonesia. It has beautiful green rice fields; beautiful beaches, and also you can spend the day at affordable hotels under $20 with the privilege of practising yoga, swimming calmly under $5. Bali has many splendid tourist spots where you can explore by renting a motor-taxi which costs about $3-$5.The most famous Bali Swing costs only $5.You can visit temples to get magical and enigmatic vibes which is also budget-friendly. Getting a delicious food menu under$10, which is affordable, is far more usual.

In short, their cultures and activities will mesmerise you.


Bangladesh has some beautiful, unique places which can be the best choice for your holiday trip with a reasonable budget.

You can visit the world’s longest sea beach, Cox bazaar. It is a 120km long, steady sandy beach where people can take a leisure stroll around the seaside with the most exemplary sunset view. You can get lots of mouth-watering snacks for 50 cents only and a complete meal costing under $5. You can spend nights at beautiful hotels near the beachside, and this view from your hotel room never fails to cheer your heart within an affordable budget. Moreover, you can visit Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest, where you can enjoy the serenity of nature, and this trip is going to be budget-friendly.

Although we couldn’t include all of them in our list, we have enlisted a few of the best ones, keeping in mind some factors like traveler’s safety, climate, geographical location, etc.


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