Understanding The Key Differences Between Top Shelf Vodka And Bottom Shelf Vodka

The world of liquor is full of different terms to indicate quality. Sometimes, consumers feel confused when they try to interpret these terms in the liquor store. You may have heard of top- and bottom-shelf liqueurs as a vodka enthusiast. Should you buy top-shelf or bottom-shelf vodka online?

How Does Bottom-shelf Vodka Differ From A Top-shelf Bottle?

Taste Of Vodka

If you want a more bitter taste, a bottom-shelf vodka is the right choice. You can taste the alcohol in this stronger drink.  

Top-shelf liqueur is generally better and can be drunk straight from the bottle. Many popular vodka brands provide high-quality cocktails. They have refined the process to make the spirit smooth and refreshing.

From wheat to potatoes, different ingredients are used for making liqueur. However, the best brands are always concerned about the purity of the drink. With every sip, you will have the desired experience. These brands do not use artificial flavourings, as the frills affect the vodka’s taste. If you like to have authentic notes of vodka, you can choose the top-shelf bottles.

Burning Sensation

Many consumers think that all bottom-shelf vodkas provide the same experience. However, while some drinks provide a strong acetone odour, others are not very harsh. 

But, it is not easy to find a non-burning vodka on the bottom shelf. Thus, if you want to prevent a burning feeling, choose premium vodka. High-quality vodka has a small ethanol scent and is smooth.


If you want to mix liqueur with cocktails, choose the bottom-shelf bottles. For instance, Bloody Mary and other cocktails have dominant flavours that balance with the bitterness of vodka. 

But, to enjoy the beverage neat and chilled, buy top-shelf vodka bottles. You will get pleasure from the smooth, buttery taste.

Price Differences

Consumers who have a tight budget look for bottom-shelf liqueur. For instance, the price of the bottom-shelf drink starts from $8. So, it is a wallet-friendly option for most vodka buyers. Still, it does not mean your taste buds will get a bad experience with every bottom-shelf bottle.

To buy top-shelf liqueurs, you need to pay at least $40. Some top-shelf vodkas are available at a reasonable price. They allow you to enjoy a high-quality liqueur without paying a significant amount. 

The main difference between costly and cheap vodka is not everything about the price. Good vodka means you will be safe from a burning sensation. It is a smoother drink and distilled with advanced methods. Moreover, depending on your purpose, you can choose between bottom and top-shelf vodkas.

Vodkas that do not taste good contain impurities. Leftovers of raw materials have not been removed through distillation. Some companies prefer this process to reduce the cost. But, it can result in an unpleasant taste of vodka. So, when you buy spirits sold online, you must consider these factors. You may compare various vodka brands and their product ranges.


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