What is the Full Form of Raw in India?

RAW stands for Research and Analysis Wing. This file format contains the complete image data and can be edited or converted to various other file formats. If you are new to the field, RAW can help you get started. Here are some reasons to use this format for photography:

Dedicated to foreign intelligence, RAW is the primary foreign intelligence agency of India. While originally formed to combat Chinese influence in the Indian subcontinent, its focus quickly shifted to other areas of the world. During the past three decades, RAW has been engaged with India’s Inter-Services Intelligence, the agency responsible for domestic and foreign intelligence. The major problems the RAW has faced involve Kashmir, which has fueled numerous clashes.

To become a RAW agent, candidates must be Indian citizens, graduates, or have some experience in the defence or intelligence services. They are paid between INR 80,000 and INR 1.5 lakhs per month. Additional allowances include Special Security Allowance and Foreign Service Allowance. As long as you have a degree in a relevant field, the job can be lucrative. RAW agents are required to pass rigorous exams. After all, they are tasked with securing the country from foreign enemies.

Another reason for the rise of RAW was its role in countering China’s influence in Asia. After the 1965 and 1962 Indo-Pakistan wars, RAW became an independent intelligence agency and began to perform covert operations. The IB, which was in charge of gathering intelligence, failed to spot China preparing an attack on India, but RAW provided a way to gather this data. This intelligence agency reports directly to the Indian Prime Minister.

RAW recruits candidates with graduate degrees from reputed institutions. They must have a good command of a foreign language and be under the age of 56 years. They must have some experience in a government department and be good at maintaining secrets. The job also requires a high degree of commitment, and a certain level of introversion. RAW is one of the most sought-after federal jobs. The salary for RAW officers is extremely competitive.

RAW agents are also responsible for the investigation of illegal activities. To become a RAW agent, you should have a thorough knowledge of the law, be able to effectively investigate criminal activities, and be able to work closely with law enforcement officials. For photographers, RAW files are the best quality files produced by DSLR cameras. However, you will need to edit RAW images through photo editing software to get the desired results. However, RAW files are smaller than JPEG images, which makes them easier to store.


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