Tell you how to choose oak barrels to soak the wine perfectly

Oak barrels have countless benefits to our lives and aging is one of them. A material that is considered an ideal medium to make a good wine. So you know how to choose the right oak barrels for aging?

It should be the oak barrel

There are many types of natural wood that can make wine barrels, but in fact oak is still the first choice. Why? Oak wood has the characteristic feature that is the solid wood grain structure, so it does not leak during the aging process. In addition, the wood has a mild aroma, and the organic substances in the wood will interact with the soaked wine to create a mild, delicious flavor for the wines. Oak barrels are also not affected by termites, so you can rest assured to soak the wine.

Especially now that the product lines of wooden barrels soaked in wine are also decorative objects, it is reasonable to choose oak wood. Because this wood has beautiful natural wood grain and has a luxurious bright color, the design of any product from it is also very good-looking.

Check the inside and outside of the oak barrel

You should do this because sometimes we overlook the internal and external problems of oak barrels by just looking at the speakers. Check to see if the joints are tight, open or leaky. Because this affects the quality of wine aging.

Also see if these barrel models use beeswax or glue to stick the joints, because these ingredients are very toxic and harmful to health when you use wine soaked in such barrels.

Another way to check more accurately is after you buy it, let it soak for a few days to monitor the leak. If such a situation occurs, please contact us for a product replacement.

Consider your needs

Although we know that wooden barrels are used to soak wine, each person’s need for soaking is not the same. You only soak for home use, or for business purposes, there will be different capacity parameters of wooden crates.

So take this into consideration, we have a variety of tank sizes for you to choose from such as 10 liter, 20 liter or even up to 200, 300 liter tanks. So you need to calculate what the actual demand is, you soak more or less alcohol to choose from.

Don’t buy used wooden crates

We strongly advise you never to buy a used oak barrel. You’ll actually get more disappointment than it’s worth using. Because those boxes are mostly in trouble, or have been used for a long time, causing them to change in quality, they should be liquidated. Accidentally buying them and soaking them in wine will prevent you from getting the batch of wine you want.

Producer : Trống Phạm Gia

Of course, you should choose a reputable unit to purchase

This is surely everyone’s heart, when buying oak barrels or any other product, choosing a reputable address is what we need to do. Because you will not only be assured of quality products, but above all, the sales services, after-sales care, maintenance and maintenance of wooden crates when problems occur will be better than poor brands. reputation.

Currently, due to the increasing demand for wine-soaked wooden barrels, there are also many units providing this product. Your job is to take some time to research brands, see reviews or customer reviews about them. You will choose a reliable place.

It can be said that an oak barrel will affect your final wine. So do not neglect to choose quality products. Hopefully with what is shared above, you will be able to more easily choose wooden barrels to soak your delicious batches of wine.


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