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Stuffed animals are the best gifts, especially if they’re kawaii. These cute plushies have everything you need to make a great gift: they’re soft and cuddly, but also fun and engaging. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite animal-shaped toys for kids, young adults, and even adults who love stuffed animals!

kawaii plushies

Kawaii plushies are a type of soft toy that originated in Japan. They’re often made of fabric or plastic, but they can also be stuffed animals. Kawaii plushies are very popular with children and adults alike.

Kawaii plushies tend to be smaller than traditional stuffed animals, but they have the same kind of appeal: they’re adorable and cuddly!

long cat plush

A long cat plush is an adorable toy that’s perfect for kids, and it can be used as a body pillow or even as a sleeping bag. This cute kawaii plushie is sure to make your little one smile!

This stuffed animal is made from soft materials like cotton and polyester, so it’s easy on their skin. The face of this cat has been carefully embroidered with eyelashes and whiskers, which makes him look more realistic than most other stuffed animals of his size category.*

Use the right stuffing.

When you’re stuffing animals, it’s important to choose the right stuffing. The right kind of stuffing will make all the difference in your stuffed animal’s appearance and durability.

  • Soft and fluffy: This is what you want! If possible, try to find soft and fluffy stuffing that doesn’t break down or clump together—if your toy has any sort of material inside it, this could cause problems later on when it begins to decompose or get wet (which means moldy).
  • Not too wet: It’s important that whatever you use as stuffing won’t leak out of your toy after being opened up so much during playtime with kids. If there are holes in the toys’ seams where water could seep through them easily due to weak stitching quality issues then those holes may begin leaking soon after opening up again which leads us back to our first point about not having any exposed openings where moisture can enter easily causing mold issues…

Sew eyes, nostrils, and a mouth with thread.

To make an animal, you will need to use a needle and thread. Your child should also have some scissors for cutting the yarn if it’s too tight for their small hands.

First, put your hand inside the stuffed animal’s body and pull out any stuffing that is inside (a little at a time). You don’t want to pull out too much or else there won’t be enough room for the eyes later on!

Next, sew on two pieces of yarn so they look like eyes: one above each ear. Be careful not to sew them too far back into place—if they’re too close together or off-center, your little one might not be able to see straight ahead when playing with it later on!

cat body pillow

The materials you’ll need are:

  • Cat body pillow You can use any type of fabric, but I recommend using cotton or polyester for its breathability and comfort. If your pillow is cotton, try using an embroidery thread to make it look more stylish and professional.
  • A piece of felt about 1 inch (2.5 cm) larger than your pillow case widthwise; if you don’t have any extra felt laying around, get some from a craft store or fabric store! This will be used later on as stuffing material when sewing together all the pieces together inside their animal-like bodies.

Stuff each part carefully before you sew it closed.

Stuffing is the material that makes up the body and arms of a stuffed animal. This stuffing should be firm but not hard, consistent in size, and evenly distributed throughout your toy’s body.

When you stuff your toy it’s important to choose something new, clean, and dry so that it will last longer when you are playing with it later on.

Give your toy a name and hang out with it!

  • Give your toy a name.
  • Hang out with it.
  • Make sure it has a bed and plenty of food and water, too.

Also, try not to keep a cat around if you don’t want to be responsible for its health. You should also know that cats can get fleas and other diseases, so make sure you take good care of your furry friend!


When you’re looking at stuffed animals, the most important thing to consider is the quality of the materials used. Also, think about how long it will last – because once you’ve bought a plushie for your child or yourself, you won’t be able to replace it with another one!


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