Reputation Management For Doctors: 5 Tips To Boost Your Online Image

Ninety four percent of people use reviews to decide which doctors to visit. As time goes on, maintaining a good online reputation is more vital than ever for doctors. However, many medical professionals are still unfamiliar with the fundamentals of managing their internet reputation. Doctors can also have their own websites like

Fortunately, there are a few easy things doctors can do to improve their internet image, which will have the added benefit of raising their profile and, hopefully, attracting new patients. In order to help physicians better manage their online profiles, here are some fundamental best practises.

1.  Post-Appointment Patient Survey:

Taking the time to assess your patients’ opinions will help you pinpoint the specifics of your service that are causing discontent. In our experience, the most honest and useful feedback comes from surveys given to patients immediately following their appointments.

If you want to avoid future patient unhappiness, you should include the results of your survey into your action plan for enhancing the patient experience or the quality of treatment provided. By demonstrating that you value your patients’ feedback, you can prevent them from immediately taking their dissatisfaction online.

2.  Inspire Satisfied Patients to Provide Ratings and Comments:

There’s a chance that the patients who have come to trust you as their doctor won’t feel the need to share their appreciation for your work on social media. They may express appreciation over the phone or in person, but a lack of favourable evaluations online can still affect your reputation.

Dissatisfied patients are more likely to voice their complaints on review sites, possibly to draw your notice or to warn others. You can’t do anything about the few negative comments until you get your many satisfied patients to do the same.

3.  Improve Patient Outcomes Through Staff Training:

One of the most important aspects of reputation management for doctors is providing outstanding customer service etiquette in the healthcare setting. Regular complaints about things like unhelpful receptionists or a lack of clarity in instructions might damage your practice’s standing. Maintain a positive reputation for your business by teaching your employees to satisfy their patients thoroughly.

4.  Always Address Feedback, Positive or Negative:

Potential customers are more likely to place trust in unacknowledged criticism than they are in verified positive feedback. These may give patients the false perception that things are awful at your clinic and that you can do little to improve them. Yet, if you reply, you show that the patient’s experience is important to you and that you’re eager to resolve any issues that may arise.

To control their internet reputation, doctors need to respond to as many reviews as possible. By replying to a negative review and inviting the reviewer to contact you offline, you can prevent a little misunderstanding from growing into a major public relations nightmare. Encourage the patient to rewrite their review if you were able to address their complaint and keep their business.

5.  Publications of yours, Whether Articles or Studies:

Your credibility as an expert in your subject will increase if you write or are quoted in an article about a topic related to your work. In terms of managing your doctor’s online reputation, this is excellent news.

Patients will have a positive impression of you if they are able to access articles written by you about topics related to their health online. This will set their minds at ease, allowing them to trust you with their health. Keep the material linked on your website and in your social media profiles. Simply put, the more individuals you can reach with your content, the more readers and patients you can attract.


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