Magician Rappers of All the Time Who Made the World to Sing Their Artefacts Several Times

Every rap fan has his favorite rappers, depending on what type of rap songs he likes. So it isn’t easy to make a list of the best rappers according to their skills only. No matter how much a rapper is proficient in every part of rap music, he may not appear on the list because of less popularity. Let us know about the ten best rappers of all time.

Eminem: Marshall Bruce Mathers III or Eminem is a famous rapper. He started his rap practice from a very early age when he was only 14. His first album was ‘ Infinite’ which couldn’t bring him fame, though. Then he started to write songs like ‘Slim Shady’. Eminem presented popular albums like ‘ Slim Shady LP, ‘Marshall Mathers LP, ‘The Eminem Show’ etc. Besides, he achieved many prizes like Grammy, Oskar etc.

Tech N9ne: He is the co-founder of Strange Music. His rhythm of music is outstanding. Though he uses complex triplets, complex rhyme skills, his popularity is beyond description. He strictly follows his rules of harmony. So sometimes listeners become confused about what does he want to mean. He created his music for video games, film etc. Tech N9ne sold about 2 million albums.

Chali 2na: A multisyllabic rap singer who can instantly manage to create rhymes with deep meaning and multi syllables. His voice is also excellent.

Jay Z: Jay-Z is another famous rapper in America.  He touches the listener’s mind with his simple style of rhythms. Listeners can quickly discover his many experiences in life and his level of maturity through his lyrics.

Jay- Z is the founder of Roc-A-Fella. He achieved 22 Grammy Awards.

Sage Francis: If the song’s story is not touching the listeners’ heart, then the excellent rhythm is valueless. Sage Francis is such e rapper whose story behind the music will surely touch your heart. But his deep, meaningful lyrics are somewhat complex to understand for ordinary people.

He founded Strange Famous Records.

Nas: Nas is one of those rappers from whose lyrics listeners can learn. He does not become aware of traditional technical rhymes structure. He sold more than 30 million albums and got 12 Grammy Awards nominations.

Kool G Rap: A rapper who is the favorite rapper of many other famous rappers. He presented his music with a multisyllabic rhyme for many days. From him, many rappers learn this technic.

Royce 5’9”:  He is a rapper with excellent rhyme schemes. The first part of his song starts with short lyrics. Then it gets long. In the end, you will feel your mind is blowing. Moreover, his lyrics are so matured and intellectual.

MF Doom: His lyrics are full of comics indeed. He has done numerous albums. The most known album is Danger Doom with Danger Mouse.

Lil Wayne: Another rapper whose songs are full of jokes. Though his auto-tuned sing-song rapping may disturb you, his lyrics are mind-blowing. He became popular mainly for hid using analogies in lyrics. He got 5 Grammy Awards.

Every rapper has his style to present his thoughts and lyrics. Everyone is the best for his creativity. So the position in the list is merely a number indeed.


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