Prove the World Again, Lips are more Sturdy than Gunpowder and Gun by Applying These Fancy Lipsticks.

Lipstick enhances the aesthetic of a smile. During ancient times, using lipsticks have been highlighted as an emblem of social status rather than showing gender norms. It brings attractiveness by making lips look as charming as roses, and hence it boosts confidence.

Here are some of the best budget-friendly lipsticks with superior quality under $15!


According to Wothappen Mac is the famous luxurious cosmetic brand in the US promising to manufacture the best iconic lipsticks with a wide range of shades. However, you can easily afford Mac velvet ease only for $14.

This lip pencil can be used both as a liner to contour lips and shading during the daytime to bring a natural touch. The outlook is fancy with this lipstick to make sure it doesn’t make your lips dry.

NYX Soft matte lip cream

No wonder NYX lip creams are above the best choice in terms of quality and money. These beauty bombs are super affordable, only at $6, surprisingly. It comes with 34 shades, including stunning Nude colour sand; each tube carries a delicate fresh scent. Since it’s a lip cream, so it glides on the lip smoothly to give a semi-matte look finish.

Maybelline NewYork Superstay matte ink lipstick

It is an affordable drugstore brand only at $9.49. It has intense different shades of nearly 40 colours ranging from Bold and classic red to nude shades. The lipsticks are pretty pigmented yet comfortable with light-textured formula, despite being fully matte. Buy Rdp easily from reliable source.

ColourPop cosmetics ultra matte lip

ColourPop lipsticks are one of the top-rated brands. Snag as many colours you need since it has a wide range of shades with different formulae, including matte, semi-matte named ColourPop Lippie stix. The ultra-matte ones are incredibly long-lasting, costing only $8!

Sephora Collection Rouge Shine Lipstick

This Sephora collection comes with stunning lip colours having some extra benefits like it is packed with vitamin E, shea butter which adds moisture to dry lips. It costs only $12.50.

Milani Amore Matte lip cream

Milani is an Italian cosmetic brand with its unique rich lipstick formula. It provides a buttery matte, long-lasting finish. It is vegan friendly, has a breathable texture which will cost only $8.99.

L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Moist Matte Lipstick

It is one of the prominent brands and is formulated with a moisturizing formula enriched with hydrating ingredients. It is highly pigmented, so it gives the creamy matte outlook with a smooth velvet touch. These are incredibly comfortable to wear, costing under $9.

Revlon Color stay Satin Ink.

Revlon Color is the most recommended lipstick brand from Allure and beauty bloggers. It has a unique texture of a satin look which runs into the lips just like butter. There are 12 shade ranges, each costing about $9.50.

Farmasi matte liquid lipstick

It’s a Turkish famous lipstick brand that delivers a long-lasting, buttery matte finish and needs a few touches up even after 6 hours. It costs only $14

e.l.f Liquid matte liptick

Elf lipstick is a game-changer when you look into your budget and quality. These are infused with vitamin E holding a light consistency that slips onto the lips with just one stroke, costing only $6.

So here are the best affordable lipsticks you can choose. Take less time and grab your favourites.


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