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Kitchen design trends: trendy styles, colors and accessories for 2022

The contrast between nature and modern technology – is how the kitchen design of 2022 can be described in general terms. We will tell you more about trends and novelties in interior design in this article.

Fashion in interior design does not change as often as, for example, in clothing or the beauty industry. For several years, 3 styles have been popular – minimalism, eco, and retro style. Only their interpretation changes. Let’s see what’s new in 2022 in these areas from kitchen remodeling contractors.

New minimalism

The trend of the coming year is unusual, futuristic forms. Dining chairs of unusual shapes or whimsical sculptures will attract attention and fill the visual void of an ascetic, minimalist kitchen.


Caring for the environment is the most useful and necessary trend. It implies not only the rejection of artificial materials in furniture design and decoration, but also a lifestyle change. Eco is a whole philosophy. Waste sorting and all the conditions created for this; the use of biodegradable bags instead of polyethylene; furniture and decor made from recycled materials – all this becomes a familiar part of the life of someone who lives in such an interior.

Modern Classic

Imitation of the classics, especially in a small kitchen, has become an anti-trend, however, individual elements of the classic style can be very stylishly combined with a modern setting. For example, high cornices along the ceiling or classic high skirting boards, moldings on light walls in combination with a herringbone parquet floor, a chandelier with candelabra and crystal pendants, and classic decor.

Actual colors 2022

Minimalism is also evident in the color scheme. The trend to use natural, muted dusty shades will continue for several more years.

Actual colors in kitchen design in 2022:

  • gray in light and dark colors;
  • sand;
  • beige;
  • dirty brown, earthy;
  • dirty coral, rusty or terracotta;
  • shades of green.

Green is the main trend of 2022

Green is the most trending color in interior design in 2022. It is pointwise added to decoration, furniture or decor to set accents and “green” the space. Muted and dirty tones of green are relevant.

Bright, acid colors as accents

If sandy gray interiors seem boring, then bright and acid shades of blue, red, lemon or turmeric can dilute them. It should be just one element that will grab attention, such as a picture, an armchair or sofa, an accent wall, a table or kitchen chairs.

Top trends 2022

The faster the pace of life in megacities, the more pronounced the trend towards environmental friendliness. A person wants to create a piece of wildlife in his apartment or house, and there are all conditions for this.

Natural materials

The trend toward the use of natural materials in interior design has been around for a long time, but today it is taking on an exaggerated form.

The use of stone, wood, concrete with a rough, natural texture and texture has become ubiquitous – from furniture to decor. Due to this, the color scheme of the interior becomes neutral and calm: sand, gray, beige shades with smooth transitions prevail, without harsh contrasts.

Natural forms

Natural forms show up in furniture design. A stump-shaped stool, a slab dining table top with rough, unfinished edges, decor in the form of green walls – such things give expressiveness to the interior and evoke a feeling of complete unity with nature.

Smooth shapes in decoration and large furniture

Walls with rounded corners or a built-in suite that smoothly wraps around the wall create a feeling of wholeness and unity of space.

More glass in the design

In modern interiors, you can increasingly see glass. It is used in the design of both large objects – partitions between the kitchen and the living room, glass block walls, and in the design of small elements – lamps, figurines, furniture legs, vases, etc.

Smart home technologies

The modern kitchen, stuffed with the latest technology, becomes even more convenient and saves time. A waste grinder, a built-in water filter, a boiler tap, appliances with delayed start programs, gas leak sensors – all this has already taken root in the kitchen of many people.

Shortly, intelligent remote control systems for appliances and lighting will become popular. Forgot to turn off the stove before leaving for work? Broken pipe? It will soon be possible to solve these problems remotely using the application on the phone.

Lighting and decor

The main trend in lighting is its dispersion. In addition to central lighting, illumination of the working and dining areas should be provided. The more illumination, the better. The lighting of different zones should have a smooth transition.

However, it is the central lighting that is often not given due attention. Especially in small kitchens, they completely forget about it, limiting themselves only to spotlights around the perimeter of the room. Because of this, the aesthetic component suffers: the interior in the evening will be dull and uncomfortable.


The higher the pace of life in megacities, the more pronounced the trend towards environmental friendliness. A person wants to create a piece of wildlife in his apartment or house, and there are all conditions for this. Even more natural materials, visual space and good lighting, green decor and smart technologies are the main trends of 2022. They do not oblige you to urgently change the existing environment, but only give fresh ideas and inspiration. To update the design of the kitchen in 2022, it is not at all necessary to start a big renovation. It is enough to add more plants, change curtains or wallpaper on one wall.


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