Rule with the Hacks that will Keep You Fresh During Burning Summer Time

Everyone likes a person whose clothes smell of subtle cologne, and nobody odor is coming from them. Smelling great is always not about what you apply to your skin and what goes in your body. The good thing is smelling great is not a genetic thing, so you easily smell good if you follow the following ways:

Stay hydrated

Water is very important to control the internal conditions of the body. Sweating is a natural occurrence when body temperature goes high. So, to cool down the body, sweat is released from sweat glands, which is why people smell. People need to replace the water they have lost in sweating by drinking more water. Dehydration makes our body odor smell stronger, especially in our mouth. Drinking water would dilute the bad smells in the mouth and would also keep your skin moisturized. In this way, the fragrance can easily cling to our skin because when our skin is dry, perfume dissipates fast.

Pay attention to your daily activities

You can smell longer lasting if you change your the best fashion detergents or spray your sheets and wardrobe. If you drop some rose water while washing clothes and sheets and some fragrance oil while they’re drying, it will make a significant difference in how your clothes smell. You can’t spray every piece of clothing but spraying your wardrobe with your favorite perfume once a week will always make your cloth smell good. Don’t use perfume just before going out because it might suffocate the person sitting next to you. Spray at least 30 minutes before. In this way, the perfume would dry and stay on your clothes for a longer time. And won’t diffuse in the surroundings as soon as you are out.

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Make changes in your diet

What we put in our bodies also reflects on the way we smell. Foods containing spices, garlic, and onion will make your body smell for up to 48 hours, and it would also affect how perfume reacts to the skin. That’s why you need to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. They contain the nutrition that is important to run our body smoothly and make our natural scent pleasant. By eating this natural harvested food, our gut would need to do less work, and thus it would enhance our scent.

Use body lotion and oils on pulse points

Body lotion is a cheap and effective way to smell good. They work better on moist skin. They moisturize our skin and also go well with other body products. Body oils don’t contain many chemicals to break down our natural fragrance. Instead, they have a subtle musk that enhances it. It’s important to spritz perfume on your pulse points: the inner wrist, behind ears, and knees. By doing this, the fragrance gets adapted to our body and is released when our body heats up.

Wear loose and light clothes

Wearing thick clothes would make you smell bad since they trap heat and make you sweat more. Instead, wear clothes that absorb sweat and decrease body odor.

In this way, you can smell great without taking a bath for days, and also, you don’t need to rely so heavily on colognes and perfumes.


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