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How to become Bookmaker agent New88 official. Recently, there are many people who want to become agents so that they can both earn more income and also enjoy their passion for betting, wanting to introduce their players to reputable places to avoid being scammed. . So the following article will introduce details as follows:

I. Bookmaker agent New88 What is that?

One of the most prestigious and high-class bookmakers in Asia today, with an extremely large number of participating players, the name cannot be ignored New888. This is a brand that has been operating for more than 10 years with great experience and ambition, wishing to create a professional entertainment service playground, up to now serving more than 10 visits per day.

With such a big brand, who needs to be a house agent? New88 It is also a good choice when you want to improve your income. Just contact the house and take steps such as creating an account and instructing players to join the house. When an agent promotes a lot, the income is extremely large.

Not only that, when becoming one of the house agents New88, has also become a potential partner and customer of the company. So in addition to enjoying high commissions, the services at New88, agents will enjoy extremely wonderful private benefits that cannot be found anywhere else. For example, you can participate in experiencing the games to be able to understand and guide your customers, comfortably place bets like real players and will have dedicated customer care to support you when you are an agent. need any information.

II. Success with fish shooting game agent

Nowadays there are quite a fewbookmaker agent New88 was successful with the fish shooting game. There is probably no need to say too much about fish shooting because this game has always become attractive at any time, not only the online form that attracts customers but also the amusement parks that provide it. Fish shooting games also receive a huge number of players every day.

Over a long time, this game has also been offered by the house in the form of online play to create convenience for players as they do not have to spend time traveling anywhere, just need to be at home with an internet device to participate. Okay. The way to play fish shooting is quite simple. When you play, you relax your mind. When you win, you earn a lot of profit, so players often choose this game for entertainment.

So it’s the house agents New88 The current fish shooting game is very successful. It doesn’t take too much time to register as an agent, working hours are flexible and not constrained. You can freely manage your time, both comfortably and also have a huge income, discount rate for agents at New88 is not small, in addition, the house also supports agents to advertise their information on all social platforms to be able to reach closer to customers. Therefore, there is no reason to refuse to become an agent member at New88.

III. How to play online dice that agents need to know

With coin toss, the dealer is the house agent New88 It is also necessary to know so that when players need information they can advise. Because this is a game that is no less attractive than fish shooting. The following will share some tips for playing coin toss that are easy to play and easy to win up to 80%. These are:

1.With steel folding style

For those who play this game, folding steel is not too strange and is almost used. With this way of playing, you only need to be loyal to 1 door. And this method can only be played online, but playing outside this environment cannot be applied.

First, players need to have an essential capital on hand. Place a few of your coins for the bet you placed. If you lose, continue to bet twice the previous amount, just keep doing that until you win. The method seems simple, but the important thing is still the capital and strategy given. So, bookie agent New88 Need to advise players on these two important issues.

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2. Observe history

This would be a seemingly normal and ineffective experience. But in fact, the seniors who specialize in disc jockeys all advise that this is the thing that easily identifies the most problems:

For example, what tricks does the house have to change the results, how do players bet, which bet is the most…, all information is explained here for you.

IV. High commission when becoming a soccer betting agent

The next reason for those who want to become a house agent New88 What cannot be denied is football betting. Surely this game will bring about a change in life for that person as quickly as possible. Because football is always an eternal topic and there is always information to talk about and bet on. Like a bookmaker New88 always update the latest information on football news, domestic and foreign tournaments…, so there is never a shortage of players in this field of sports betting.

That’s why, when becoming a house agent New88 And it is easy to invite players to participate, the commission that the agent receives is not small, it will range from 25 – 40% of the bookmaker’s net revenue. New88. 

You can make money, manage your time, and update the latest news about football, if that is a topic you are interested in. So this is such a great thing.

V. Fair compensation policy for house agents New88 and the player above New88

Regarding a problem that the house agent New88 What everyone cares about is the commission and compensation policy. Fairness for agents and players at New88 are always clear and public.

When you become a member as an agent or a player, the bonus and promotion policies are regularly updated by the house. Players and agents can update and authenticate this information in two ways:

  • Contact customer care 24/7 for advice and answers
  • Currently, the house’s website has a separate “promotions” section and is attached to the main banner of the home page, to introduce new promotions or rewards programs. So dealers and players can use this method.

Above is an article sharing information about becoming a house agent  New88. Hopefully the information just shared will help those who want to become agents understand more about the benefits of becoming a member. Wishing you will always be successful and earn a lot of profits when joining us.


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