Full Form of Army

Do you know the full form of army? Armed men who fight on land are known as an army. This force is organized and is capable of fighting on any kind of terrain. While there are several different ways to form an army, the most common and accurate one is through the abbreviation ARMY. To know the meaning of ARMY, read on. Listed below are some examples of military terms and their full forms.

In the USA, MD stands for Doctor of Medicine. After this, students must complete a residency program. Without the PG degree, an MBBS doctor cannot do surgery, anaesthetic procedures, or a C-section. Specialists, on the other hand, are trained to treat diseases that are not communicable. A specialist must complete a PG course from a MCI-recognized institute.

The Indian Army is composed of three departments: Armored contingent, Infantry, and Machine Gun Infantry. These departments are organized under the Seva Dal. The Army also has two reserve arms. These three branches of the army are largely responsible for maintaining the logistics of the country. They also manage the medical and engineering wing of the army. They work in tandem to ensure that soldiers are prepared for any situation that may occur. A full army is not only a force of men; it also helps a nation in times of war.

BTS has an active fandom in the form of BTS ARMY. The members communicate with their fans through their incredible vocal and performance skills. The group is also very humble. Fans can contact their favorite band using social media like Twitter and Weverse. The BTS ARMY page offers exclusive links and updates. By becoming a member, fans can interact with their favorite band and show their support. They can also engage in philanthropy.

The Indian Army has an extensive role in ensuring national security. Though initially tasked with protecting borders, it has also been given responsibility for domestic security. The Indian Army has fought insurgencies in the Northeast and Kashmir. The Army has also expanded its role abroad, with a heightened international presence. In fact, the Indian Army has been the most influential branch of the armed forces in the country. The Army’s mission is to preserve national security and unity.

The Indian Army has fought five wars since independence, including the Kargil and the Pakistani wars. Apart from wars, it participated in several peace-promoting operations like Operation Brasstacks and Exercise Shoorveer. It was also an active participant in UN peacekeeping projects. The Army has played an important role in world affairs. The most influential soldier in history is Major Stringer Lawrence. He is considered the father of the Indian army.


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