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5 Facts About Polypropylene Door Coating

Polypropylene is a multi-layer coating, essentially a film, which very qualitatively emulates the pattern, structure and even relief of natural wood. This finishing material has excellent optical characteristics, especially noticeable when using 3D embossing.

Polypropylene is a resistant polymer with excellent performance characteristics and is highly resistant to mechanical damage.

Also, it is very resistant to moisture. Even in constant interaction with water at room temperature, its water absorption remains at a low level, only 0.5%. If the temperature spikes up to 140°F (60°C) this will increase this figure to 2%.

In contrast to other plastics, polypropylene coating is warm to the touch. You will not feel that the door surface is covered with an articicial material.

Some doors produced by Belldinni are also finished with polypropylene.

DOORS COVERED WITH POLYPROPYLENE ARE SAFE. The same material is used to make plastic bottles and disposable tableware.

Advantages of polypropylene door coating

  • Polypropylene is environmentally friendly and is safe for health. It can be used in bedrooms and children’s rooms.
  • High moisture resistance. Doors with polypropylene coating can be put in the bathroom.
  • A large number of colors and shades and as a consequence, a wide choice of design options.
  • The polypropylene used as a door finishing makes its price affordable.
  • High durability: the features of polypropylene allow preserving the original appearance of the coating for many years. This material considerably prolongs service life of the door as compared to natural veneer and usual paint coatings which need more careful care and exploitation.

Questions and answers about polypropylene door finish

Can I use these doors in the bathroom?

YES. The doors are not afraid of moisture and are suitable for installation in bathrooms.

Is it dangerous for children?

NO. It is environmentally safe and does not contain harmful chemicals such as phenol and chloride.

I have cats, dogs. Won’t they scratch the doors?

NO. Polypropylene is highly resistant to damage and impact resistance. It is very difficult to scratch, but if you try, of course you can damage it and leave marks.

If the door gets dirty, can it be cleaned? If so, with what?

Belldinni doors with polypropylene coating are easy to clean and maintain. Unlike natural veneer, polypropylene is safe to clean with cleaning agents. You can easily wipe off, for example, a marker pen with white spirit without any consequences for the leaf.


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