Travel in the country of Himalaya culturally with Druk Asia. 

Bhutan is renowned for its ancient traditions and its strong Buddhist faith. Bhutanese culture is closely entwined with its Buddhist heritage, and its ancient cultural practices are still observed today. 

Bhutan is also said to be one of the last remaining Mahayana Buddhist nations in the world, a tradition dating back to the 7th century. Bhutanese people place a great emphasis on the importance of Buddhism in their lives, and it is reflected in the many spiritual festivals and ceremonies that take place throughout the year.

Bhutanese people’s spiritual beliefs led them to follow a lifestyle of peace and respect. They are very friendly by nature and also they nurture their cultural heritages. Bhutan is a very calming place to visit. They have their own unique traditions and festivals. They proudly wear their national clothes on occasion. Some even wear them regularly. Bhutanese people have immense love for their culture. A country like Bhutan is always a great tourist place for people all over the world. Even being a small country it does not stop having many natural beauty, rivers and mountains. 

Are you looking for a way to visit Bhutan? Not sure how to? 

Then let us introduce you to Bhutan’s licensed tour agency called DrukAsia Tours and Treks. 

About them : 

DrukAsia is a regional travel agency and tour operator that specializes in offering trips to the mystical land of Bhutan. The company is based in Singapore, India, and Nepal. It offers an extensive range of destinations from cultural tours to treks and retreats. DrukAsia is committed to providing exceptional service, quality itineraries, and thoughtful support throughout each journey.

They have been providing their journey since 2009 with the goal of specializing in quality services and tours to their clients. They want to make sure that their tourists are enjoying their moments in Bhutan and if they are comfortable. DrukAsia assures you it provides the best service with quality during your Travel in Bhutan. On top of that, they also manage your air tickets, hotel stays, and even Visa handling. They are the official agent of DrukAir, a national airline in Bhutan.

They fabricated their Bhutan tour packages in multiple ways. They have packages with different types of tours. One of them is the Bhutan Cultural tour package

The package contains –  

7 days bhutan tour with Haa Valley – 

This involves the green valley of Paro, their capital Thimphu and the old capital Punakha. 

8 days magical Bhutan travel plan – 

It covers from the East to the west side of Bhutan. Which makes you fall in love magically with Bhutan’s beauty. 

11 day cultural tour travel plan – 

In this package, you will be able to witness paper making, a day trek to tango goemba, and a picnic by a river. 

4 days discover Bhutan – 

It is a short package for those who do not have time but still want to enjoy Bhutan.  

15 days east to west cultural tour and flight to Yonphula – 

In this package, you can travel by Bhutan’s domestic flight and have a complete tour of all Bhutan tour places. 

6 days 5 nights Chinese new year – 

It is an amazing idea to spend your time in Bhutan during the Chinese new year. 

7 days Bhutan glamping tour – 

Glamping is a term for camping that is done in a glamorous way. This is very popular among travelers these days. 

These are all available on their websites. You can easily check them out. 


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