Top Lab Diamonds in Australia

Novita Diamonds, Australia’s leading seller of lab diamonds Adelaide, has a showroom in Adelaide. The company’s products are sold at an affordable price and are of the highest quality. In addition, the diamonds are certified and come with a one-year guarantee. It is a good idea to visit the showroom to see and touch the diamonds before you make a purchase.


In Australia, Novita Diamonds is the largest seller of lab-grown diamonds. The company is located in Adelaide, where it offers a showroom and a selection of diamonds. The company’s philosophy is simple – lab-grown diamonds are better for the environment and are better for your wallet.

Novita Diamonds offers a range of man made diamonds UK jewellery that can be a great alternative to mined diamonds. Their wide selection of lab-grown jewellery includes engagement rings and wedding bands. Their Bail pendant, for example, features a thin 18K gold chain and a 1ct IGI-certified lab-grown round diamond.

Novita Diamonds is a brand that specializes in GIA and IGI-certified diamonds. They also offer bespoke and designer diamond engagement rings, diamond tennis bracelets, and more. Moreover, their extensive range of diamond jewellery includes loose, cultured diamonds in all shapes and sizes.

The FTC recently warned consumers about claims of sustainability when it comes to lab-grown diamonds. The FTC had warned consumers about these claims, and urged consumers to do their own research before making an investment. Furthermore, diamond manufacturing is an incredibly high-risk process, and some companies are actively trying to improve safety in their production. However, the majority of lab-grown diamonds are made in the same way as natural diamonds – the carbon crystal structure is identical – and hence they have the same physical and chemical characteristics as the natural diamond.

Fortunately, the cost of lab-grown diamonds is rapidly decreasing. With more competition in the market, they are becoming more affordable and more diverse.

Moi Moi

Novita Diamonds is one of the largest sellers of lab grown diamonds in Australia. Their showroom is located in Adelaide. Novita Diamonds has a huge range of diamonds to choose from. A visit to the Adelaide showroom will help you decide which diamond is right for you. Novita Diamonds offers a free consultation with the owner and can answer any questions you might have.

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