Spot the Right Dog Sitter in 8 Simple Steps

Are you profoundly thinking about who to leave your pup with when you are off to work or traveling places? If so, you can consider hiring a dog sitter. We know it’s not easy to find the right person to take care of your puppy while you are away from home, but still, it can be possible with some extra effort from your side.

Having a dog sitter ensures your four paws’ safety and allows them to spend time in human company. However, you need to look for specific qualities in a dog sitter before hiring them for the position of taking care of your furry precious. For instance, you don’t want your pupper to suffer an injury while the pet sitter gets busy over a phone call sitting on your sofa, right?

Also, it can be challenging to tackle the consequences of having an energetic puppy at home, so you must consider purchasing pet insurance in NZ. Puppy insurance covers your pet pooch’s diagnosis and treatment during accidents, falls, injuries, health emergencies, and more. You can also explore higher plans to avail coverage for specific illnesses and dental issues.

Have this medical financial backup but don’t ignore the importance of having a person to nurture and monitor your puppy’s moves at home in your absence. Meanwhile, read this article to know twelve things to look for in an ideal dog sitter before posting them on the job.

Once you are ready with a short list of suitable dog sitters, you can quickly interview them to get to “The dog sitter” who will care for your pupper. If a dog sitter finds this whole interviewing thing a joke or annoyance, probably it’s time to scratch them off your list.

  1. Do they have a history of pet sitting dogs?
  2. Have they dealt with pups of similar breed, temperament, size, age, etc., as that of your fur baby earlier?
  3. Ask them what they would do if your fur companion suffered an injury or fell sick in your absence.
  4. Question the potential dog sitter on how they will plan your doggo’s daily schedule. Plus, inquire them about the number and duration of strolls they can walk your pup in a day.
  5. Check with the pet sitter about how they will accommodate the puppy’s private time in the routine.
  6. Ask the dog sitter candidate to provide you with feedback from their last and previous clients. Request them to show you testimonials so you can confidently hand over responsibility for your puppy when you are physically far away from your furry baby.
  7. The most important question is will the pup stay at your home or the dog sitter’s home? Ask the potential dog sitter relevant questions and inspect their home if at all you choose to leave your furry pup there. Otherwise, you can give them a copy of the house rules they must comply with.
  8. Ask if they can drive your pup around in the neighborhood. Such little adventures can enrich your little puppy’s life and satisfy their instincts.

While these are some basic questions you can begin with, you must check if the pet sitter’s and puppy’s temperaments are compatible. Leaving your furry baby in unsafe hands can lead to arguments, fights, and pet behavioral problems. Plus, fur babies are unpredictable and can quickly get into health troubles while dealing with several risks day in and day out.

Puppy insurance covers accidents, injuries, particular health issues, and more depending on the level of cover chosen. It doesn’t cover your pupper’s behavioral issues but it should cover any underlying physical health issues causing them. Pet insurance NZ can lower your financial burden when your puppy needs testing, treatment, medications, etc., during non-routine vet visits. So, consider buying a pet policy even if you have hired presumably the best dog sitter to watch your pup.


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