Pocket7Games Announces Bingo Clash Thanksgiving Event

Pocket7Games has announced a Bingo Clash Thanksgiving Event from November 15th to 28th.

The Pocket7Games app will host a Thanksgiving event on their game Bingo Clash. In the event, people will play online and win cash in a festive environment. While Pocket7Games is available on iOS and Samsung, this will be a Samsung-exclusive event to play real money bingo and other games. During the first week of November 15th to November 21st, there will be three main parts.

First, there will be a dice tour in which players can enter free cash tournaments and win up to $500 bonus cash on each map by joining the event. All you have to do is roll the dice and see if you unlock prizes. During the event, there will be double rewards for daily log-in. If a player logs in every day for a week, they can win free in-game rewards such as sparkles that can be used to play dice tour, Tickets, bonus cash, and more. Play games for cash and enter free cash tournaments, which are open to all the game matches. During the second week of the event, in addition to the events of the first week, there will be exclusive 7-day cards released, and a 100 percent rebate will be available. 

This event will take place exclusively on Samsung. Samsung users enjoy the rewarding task for Thanksgiving. Check in the app for details and participate in daily tasks to win extra rewards. Players will play games for cash and draw lucky cards, and have a chance to win prizes like Galaxy Z Flip 5G. It will also come with exclusive mini-games that can trigger reward games, with maximum winnings of $500. Skill-based legit games can be played while the event takes place. 

Pocket7Games is an all-in-one skill-based gaming app with over 10 games, providing a way for you to play a variety of games on a single app. You can also win cash, prizes, rewards, and more. These are casino-style games like Bingo Clash, 21 Gold, and Solitaire. Earn money while playing arcade-inspired casual games like Tile Blitz, Cube Blast, and Dunk Shot. With puzzles, card games, math games, and brain games—there’s something for everyone!

Bingo Clash provides a way to play real money bingo. Beat opponents in face-paced Bingo and earn money in cash games. Solitaire is another classic game available on Pocket7Games. 21 Gold is a fast-paced version of Blackjack for fans of math games. Show off your skills, play online and win cash. Bubble Shot is a game in which you pop multi-colored bubbles while relaxing and making some easy money. 2048 Blitz is like Tetris. Dunk Shot is virtual basketball. Cube Blast enables people to improve their skills in puzzles and make some extra cash.

Pocket7Games offers free cash tournaments, one-on-one games, and multiplayer games to play against real players at your skill level. After you win cash and real prizes, you can safely and securely withdraw money from PayPal. Join today in time for the Bingo Clash Thanksgiving event that will enable you to win more!

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