In the Era of Modernism, Some Places Desire to be Untouched from the Present Technology

When you look around your surrounding you will see that your surrounding is packed will everyday things. The world is developing day by day as results our lives are getting easier. We hear stories from our grandparents about how they used to wait for a letter for months, how difficult it was to travel from one place to another. Now we can communicate with our loved ones anytime, anywhere. And travelling is so easy and comfortable now.

Five Places Where Modernization Hasn’t Reached

We think that every part of this world is modern, and has all the facilities to make life easier. But you will be shocked to hear that even today there are some countries with internet access, no electricity or limited electricity, no phones etc. So you should know about places that are far away from the Modern world.

  1. Palmerston Island

Palmerston Island is a family-owned island. The island is full of coral, and it is in the middle of the pacific ocean. The founder of the island named it after a temple called Henry. It is like a small world separated from the outer world. You can only get there by boat. The people of the island are generous. You can do any fancy shopping there as you won’t find any shops. There is just one street, two toilets, one policeman, one church, plenty of fish and coconuts, fresh air and calmness.

  1. Utqiaġvik, Alaska

Utqiaġvik place has another name which is the land of extremes. And you can’t expect summer there. The only season of that place in winter. The highest temperature is around 32°F. And the lowest temperature is -30°F. If you ever visit there, you have to make sure that you are fully prepared to face the cold weathers. You have to carry a lot of warm clothes such as scarves. During November and January, you won’t see any daylight. But you can enjoy the Aurora Borealis.

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  1. Supay Village, Arizona

Supay Village is one of the most remote communities because it is so difficult to reach there. But it is worth going there because of its beauty and calmness. You will see natural waterfalls there. And people of the village communicate with the outside world by using mails. You won’t find any roads there. Either you have to walk, or you can travel by mule. It is the capital place of the Havasupai, which is an Indian Reservation.

  1. Pitcairn Island

Once upon a time, this island used to belong to the pirates. This island is between Peru and New Zealand. The people of the island survives on agriculture, honey and tourism. Love is Queen Elizabeth’s favourite.

  1. Siwa Oasis

The place is very much isolated. But it has a lot of recognition for its palm groves, dates and olives, submerging in Cleopatra’s Bath mineral spring. It was a hidden gem for many centuries. It is the most untouched culture till now.

Sometimes it feels good to separate yourself from the modern world. Although the modern world provides us with a comfortable life, you can find much peace here. You will hear loud noises all the time, even at night.

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