Live African chicken atNew88 Attractive with many advantages

Live African cockfighting at Nhà cái New88 attended by many members. This bookmaker has built its cockfighting channel professionally. Players can both watch cockfighting live in the Philippines and participate in attractive bets. Let’s learn more about African chicken directly.

Learn about the live African chicken viewing hall atNew88

New88 is one of the most famous betting units today. Among the top bookmakers with million views, New88 is always in the top group. This was possible thanks to the efforts of the management team and employees.

When you come to New88, you will be extremely excited with the beautifully designed interface. Besides, there is an attractive betting lobby with high odds. Especially the cockfighting playground, where you can watch live African cockfighting and many other tournaments.

Advantages of the African cockfighting hall

Currently, New88 bookmaker has built complete betting features in the African cockfighting lobby. Let’s find out together now.

Beautiful, logical interface design

New88 The interface is designed to be simple and modern, making navigation easy for users. All items and functions are arranged logically and are easy to find, helping beginners get acquainted quickly and without difficulty when using.

Optimize the viewer experience

Function buttons and options on the interface are highlighted, accompanied by detailed instructions to help users easily watch cockfighting online. Users can also change the color and font size as desired thanks to the interface customization feature. To watch cockfighting live, you can go to the official website of New88 or use the mobile application. The app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android and is designed to fit all screen sizes, from phones to tablets.

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Sharp image quality

New88 delivers high quality full HD images, helping viewers enjoy clear and detailed images. Images play smoothly, minimizing stutter, lag or blur, even when using a low-speed network.

Lively sound

The sound is recorded and broadcast clearly, giving viewers the feeling of directly participating in the exciting and tense atmosphere of the competitions. With audio support from multiple channels, the listening experience becomes immersive, like actually being present at the event.

Advanced streaming technology

Using state-of-the-art streaming technology, image and audio playback has low latency, creating a smooth, uninterrupted viewing experience. The system automatically adjusts playback quality to match the viewer’s internet speed, helping to avoid lag during viewing.

Variety of African cockfighting matches

New88 brings a variety of matches from many different types and tournaments, meeting the diverse viewing needs of the audience. The website regularly updates new matches, from local to international tournaments, helping users keep up with interesting events. Each match comes with complete information about the time, location and participating cocks. In addition, viewers can also review past matches, with the ability to filter results by date, tournament name or cock.

Why should you watch African cockfighting live?New88?

At New88, players will receive many special promotions.

There are promotions for viewers

When participating in watching live cockfighting on New88, you not only get to watch exciting matches but also have the opportunity to bet to make money. Promotional offers specifically for players are organized with the goal of bringing you the highest profits.

There are effective betting experts

New88 Invite experts on fighting cocks to participate and share their experiences. These experienced people will analyze the matches and provide accurate predictions. This information is very useful to help players make smarter betting decisions.

Exciting commentators

In live international cockfighting matches, New88 commentators will be in charge of commentary. These people are cockfighting experts and provide an unbiased view of the fights. When watching live, you will be immersed in the exciting atmosphere of the event and enjoy humorous and insightful comments from experts.


So you have just finished learning about the channel to watch live African cockfighting atNew88. This bookmaker constantly strives to develop its cockfighting hall. If you want to bet, please visit


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