Go Green, Generate Money by Saving the World by Planting the Best Timber Trees

Trees are a vital part of our nature. Nowadays, people are cutting trees for construction, grazing, and the extraction of woods to obtain timber for fuel use. And, this resulted in a massive decrease of trees by 50%. Hence, each year the percentage rate of deforestation is increasing.

However, there are still some Of the best Timber trees that exist.We are here to discuss the best Timber trees around the world.

Populus Tremuloides

Populous Tremuloides is the tallest tree used for timbers. The growth rate is the fastest among most other timber trees and grows up to 25m. People also know this tree as Quaking aspen. In autumn, nature adorns itself with breathtaking looks with yellow leaves. The barks of this tree are evenly smooth and soft. These trees are found in lakeshore and camping areas as they are not suitable for collecting logs as lumber.

These are very cheap and is abundant in North America. They act as an excellent source of timber in making papers, boards of different thickness, and making furniture.


It isn’t an exciting, thin-leaved timber tree. This timber is extensively best for making furniture, plywood, shelves, cabinets, coffin. Because the woods are relatively rigid and complicated, this timber tree brings an outstanding and even texture while making furniture that enhances household designs’ beauty.

Birch is reasonably affordable timber and is an available resource playing a significant role in financial industries.


Pine is the most economically valuable timber, and we see it almost everywhere in the Southern to Northern Hemisphere. There are many species of pines worldwide, and it is excellent for agricultural and construction purposes. The quality of timber is so good that it has been used in flooring, framing, varieties of panels, including fiber broad. It is affordable because pine timber grows in a shorter period without taking any extra care.


Oak has nearly 600 species, mainly found in the Northern hemisphere. This timber is suitable for making furniture because oak timber is tough, thick and long-lasting. It has some natural properties of resisting insects and bugs. Hence, making it perfect for designing furniture, corks, instrumental panels, flooring, constructing buildings. Oaktree is said to be the cheapest and best timbers among other woods.

Lignum Vitae

It is one of the toughest timbers in the world. The thin chips of lignum vitae have many medical uses to treat arthritis, and the tea made from this wood relieves cough. Due to its property of being high dense and challenging, it is the most expensive wood.


We can see cedar in mountain regions of the western Himalayas and Japan. It is pink in color and is comparatively softer than other timbers. It can withstand the damp environment, making it suitable to build ships because it can combat rotting. Thus, making window frames and decking railings are inexpensive option.

So these are some of the best timbers in the world considering the prices, availability and quality. Feel free to share your thoughts regarding the best woods.


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