Mini LED Displays: What Are They And Why Should You Care?

Mini LEDs are a type of LED technology that has become more prevalent in recent years. These tiny lights save space and power more efficiently than traditional LED light bulbs. Learn more about the mini-led display and why it might be the best option for your business!

What Are Mini LED Displays?

Mini LED displays are the smallest type of LED display and are often used in smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronics. They are also becoming increasingly popular for larger screens in laptops and desktop computers. Mini LED displays to use less power than traditional displays and don’t produce as much heat, making them ideal for hotter or more demanding devices. Mini LED displays also have a longer lifespan than other types of displays.

Benefits of Mini LED Displays when compared to OLED

  1. Compared with OLED, LCD panel with Mini LED backlight design is the same thickness as OLED panel and can also be comparable to OLED in color display. Higher brightness and better reliability bring customers a better experience than OLED.
  2. It can replace the original OLED TV, and the cost is greatly reduced.
  3. OLED is difficult to achieve 8K display, but 8K cell can be combined with Mini COB solution to make up for the blank market of customers’ high-order demand
  4. Mini POB (Full Sky Star scheme) can achieve thinness, high brightness, high dynamic ratio, and high gamut, showing higher cost performance on OD5-12mm medium and high order TV.


Mini LED displays are a relatively new technology quickly gaining popularity in the industrial market. What are they, and why should you care? Mini LED displays are small monitors that use LED lights to create images. They’re commonly used in industrial and manufacturing applications because of their low power requirements and ability to mount on equipment easily.

Refond is one of the most reputable minis LED suppliers because the company was the first in its sector to create a packaging solution and product that utilized Mini LED technology. Do not hesitate to choose Refond if you plan to make an investment in a mini LED.


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