Lovers of Card Games Will Enjoy Match n’ Flip’s Newest Updates!

Card games are a fantastic way to spend quality time with others – and if you don’t have others to play with in person, then there are mobile games like Match n’ Flip that will match you with other real players around the world so you can enjoy a nice card game anytime! Match n’ Flip is a popular skill-based mobile game by AviaGames and can be enjoyed by anyone with an iOs device. 

An Online Version of UNO

UNO, and even the European card game Mau Mau, are similar to AviaGames’ skill-based mobile game Match n’ Flip. Players will enjoy the test of skill and the ability to win real money in free cash tournaments. Any winnings can be securely withdrawn via one of the participating payment vendors like PayPal, Apple Pay, etc.

Each player has several cards laid in front of them and one card to start with. The one card must be matched with other cards that are either the same color or number as the preceding card. This is done either until the player has to draw a new card until all cards have been matched, or until there are no matching cards left. 

The player will receive points based on how many cards in a row they were able to match without drawing a new card. Each game lasts 3 minutes, and if players finish before to the game’s time limit, they will receive additional points for their speed. Based on their skill and end total of points, players either win or lose and receive tickets that they can use to play in free cash tournaments.

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In free cash tournaments, players are able to play and win real money, or they can win real money in addition to winning tickets. After securing their cash-winnings, players can choose to either securely withdraw them or to keep on playing and accumulating even larger amounts of money. 

Updates to Make the Experience Even Better

AviaGames is known for its seamless gaming experience and zero-ads policy and is committed to continually making its users’ experience better through frequent updates and additional content.

Here is a brief overview of each update for Match n’ Flip:

Locks system game feature – players can unlock various new special cards by hitting certain milestones, like playing 30 or 70 games. These cards will increase a player’s chances of winning.

Multi-game list – Players can choose the option to play a different AviaGame within the Match n’ Flip app to enjoy even more fun and to have more variety!

New Gameplay Features – Players can now enjoy new themes and variations on Match n’ Flip, including new obstacles and challenges being thrown their way to increase the degree of difficulty. 

Overall, the rules of the game will remain the same though.

A Mobile Card Game For UNO Enthusiasts

Never has a mobile game been as fun as the skill-based card game Match n’ Flip. UNO fans will love this mobile game, as it tests their skill and matches them with other players who will be on the same skill level as them. Plus, players get the chance to win real money in a legitimate cash game, which they can securely withdraw later.

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The game can be downloaded from one of the hyperlinks below.

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