Is Moissanite Better Than a Diamond?

Moistanite is a stone that is from outer space, but is it better than a diamond? Here is a little information to help you make the decision. In this article, we know the difference between moissanite vs diamond.

Colors available

Moissanite is a diamond simulant that is often marketed as an ethical choice, but can still look different from real diamonds. It is an affordable alternative to diamonds that has the same brilliant shine. But how do you tell the difference?

There are two main types of moissanite, including natural and lab-made. The former is often yellow or brown in color, while the latter is completely colorless.

A moissanite’s color can change depending on lighting and cut. In certain cases, the stone will appear grey or even yellow in certain lights. This is not always the case, however.

The colorless version of moissanite can be slightly greenish or yellowish. These shades are often called “near colorless” moissanite.

Colorless moissanites may have a gray tinge under certain lighting. Larger stones will show more rainbow sparkle than smaller ones.


Moissanite vs diamond is similar in appearance and have a very high level of sparkle. However, they differ in composition and quality.

Moissanite and diamonds are made from two different materials, but both are created in laboratories. This is why the price is so much lower than a diamond.

Diamonds are one of the most expensive stones in the world. They cost anywhere from $700 to $51,000 per carat. Although it is expensive, a diamond can be a good investment because it retains its value for many years. Buying a diamond is a very personal decision. Some people prefer the traditional appeal of a diamond. Others choose a more contemporary look with a diamond that combines the sophistication of a diamond with the modern style of a cubic zirconia.


If you are considering buying a diamond but are concerned about the environmental impact, you may want to consider an alternative. Moissanite is a gem-quality, laboratory-grown gemstone that has properties comparable to diamonds. It is available in a wide variety of colors.

Moissanite was first discovered in Arizona in 1893. Later, it was found that the crystals were actually composed of silicon carbide. This chemical compound has exceptional hardness.

The refractive index of moissanite is higher than that of a natural diamond, which results in a brighter sparkle. Its high-refractive index also allows it to bend light better. A moissanite is more durable than a diamond, but it is still susceptible to chipping.

Moissanite is not as expensive as a diamond, and you can purchase a large stone for the price of a smaller stone. Moissanite is also less likely to attract grease and dirt.

Less likely to attract grease or dirt

If you’re a diamond aficionado, you’re probably aware of the fact that moissanite is a reasonably good substitute for the more costly diamond. While it may not be quite as shiny as its sibling, the aforementioned material is still a viable option for a variety of reasons. This includes its high hardness and low cost. As such, the stone is an ideal choice for a budget conscious jewelry connoisseur. In addition to its superiority as a diamond replacement, you’ll also enjoy the perks of having a stone that can take a beating. For example, you’ll be able to wear your bauble on the jobsite as opposed to abrasive office sandboxes.

Although moissanite has its limitations, the stone is still a worthwhile investment if you’re on the hunt for a stone that will last a lifetime. To that end, you’ll find it’s made in virtually any size and shape imaginable. Furthermore, its crystals are cut by hand, rather than using a laser, which means that your jewelry is truly one of a kind.

Moissanite is a gemstone from outer space

Moissanite is a beautiful gemstone. It is known for its brilliance, durability, and affordable price. Compared to diamonds, it is a more environmentally friendly stone. Moreover, it is also a gem that can be found in outer space.

Originally discovered by French chemist Henri Moissan in 1893, the term “moissanite” came from the French phrase meaning “stardust”. As a result, moissanite is often referred to as a star diamond.

In the years after its discovery, it was believed that this mineral had only been in nature for about fifty years. Then, in 1998, the gemstone began to appear in jewelry stores. However, unscrupulous merchants were charging thousands of dollars for it.

Today, you can purchase moissanite engagement rings. Moreover, you can find a wide range of moissanite stones, including those that are sourced from ethical mines.


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