How To Teach Your Toddler to Read

The majority of us don’t pay much attention to the process of reading until it comes to teaching it to their own children at home. Learning how to read is far from a natural process or something children pick up as they grow older. It’s something that requires time and patience to get right.

The good news is there are many steps that can be taken to help build on skills to make reading straightforward. Here is some advice from this Nursery in Wandsworth on how to teach your toddler to read.

Use songs and nursery rhymes

Children’s songs have been created for more than just a singsong. The rhythm allows them to hear sounds and syllables which helps them learn to read. Phonemic awareness is extremely important as it is an auditory skill that helps children hear the different sounds that letters make. This playful activity is a great way to bond with your child whilst they develop their literacy skills.

Point words out

Create opportunities to build your child’s reading skills by pointing out new words wherever you go. This can be done when you’re waiting in line for an ice cream or taking a long drive on the motorway. You can point to posters, billboards and signs. Ask your child “what sound does that letter make?”. The idea is to make them aware of words so they can build connections between sounds and symbols.

Read together on a daily basis

Just because your child is unable to read yet, doesn’t mean you should avoid reading altogether. There are many skills that they can pick up simply by listening to you read to them. Not only will you be sounding out words, but you will be helping them build their vocabulary and understand what a fluent reader sounds like. Best of all, they will slowly develop a love for the activity which will only motivate them to learn how to read more!


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