How to Measure Ring Size

There are three ways to measure your ring size: Use an existing ring, use a sized tape, or keep it a secret. If you’re not comfortable doing so, you can also use dental floss to measure your finger size. But be careful not to give away the secret. The jeweler may ask for different measurements than your own. In such a case, you should ask for permission from her before using her ring as a measurement tool.

Using a ring you already own

Using a ring you already own is a very simple way to determine your corresponding sizing. You’ll need to determine the diameter of the ring and the width of its inside. Measure around the base of the finger and mark it with a marker. Then, you’ll need to find the appropriate size on the ring size chart. After you have the ring size, match it with your hand’s corresponding measurement in millimeters.

Then, wrap a strip of paper, dental floss, or a string around your finger. Make sure the measuring tool fits snugly over your finger or knuckle. If you find that one of the measurements is off by more than half an inch, you should order a 1/2-size smaller. To convert inches to millimeters, print out a ring size chart.

Using a ring sizer

A ring sizer is a tool for measuring ring sizes. There are many online sites where you can print out a ring size chart. The size chart will have strips of paper that have sequentially marked sizes. To measure your finger size, wrap a strip around your finger and cut off the excess at the overlapped end. Compare the measured measurement to the ring size chart and cut the excess thread.

Before you begin, get a ring sizer. This handy tool is free to download from a vendor’s website and can be used to measure any ring. Wrap the sizer around the finger of your intended wearer. Make sure the inside edge of the ring fits through the slit in the ring size chart. If the size is not close enough to your finger, measure it from knuckle to knuckle.

Using a tape measure

To measure the ring size, you can use a piece of string or non-elastic thread or yarn. You must be careful not to wrap the paper or string around the finger. The paper or string should be snug but not too loose. The inside circumference of the finger should be measured to find the ring size closest to the finger measurement. The ring size chart is an excellent resource to help you find the right ring size.

You can buy a ring sizer online, at a jewelry store, or at Amazon. You can also ask the store employee to make one for you. Make sure to keep the tape measure handy so you can use it for future measurements. This way, you’ll be sure to get the right size for your ring. The ring will fit comfortably once you put it on. You’ll feel confident wearing it in no time.

Using a ring sizer in secret

The most accurate method of measuring a ring size is by using a paper sizing guide. This guide should be printed out at the actual size of your finger. Wrap the paper around your finger and mark where the ring size should be. Next, how to measure ring size the distance to the outer edge of the ring sizer. Repeat until the measurement is accurate. When measuring a ring, make sure to use a ruler.


Using a ring sizer is not a secret, but it is important to understand that finger sizes can change daily, depending on various factors. Some of these factors include weight, temperature, pregnancy, and age. If you buy a ring without knowing the size of your finger, it can cause problems down the road. Using a ring sizer is a good way to prevent future problems.


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