How to Decorate an Acrylic Keychain

An acrylic keychain can be decorated in a number of ways. It can be painted, or it can be decorated with a photo. Then, you can seal it with UV resin or paint. If you choose to use paint, make sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions. For best results, do not apply UV resin directly to the keychain hole.

DIY acrylic keychains

DIY acrylic keychains can be made by applying a vinyl design to an acrylic blank. First, remove the protective coating on the blank, then place the vinyl design on top of it. Carefully line up the design with the keyhole on the vinyl design, then press down firmly on the keychain. If you wish to create a multi-layered design, use multiple layers of vinyl on one blank.

When choosing a calligraphic font, make sure that the letters are not separated too much. In Cricut Design Space, you can select “Ungroup” to join the separated letters. You can also choose to “weld” to cut the word continuously. Once the word is cut, you can add embellishments and other decorative pieces to your DIY acrylic keychain.

If you want to make a unique acrylic keychain for yourself or as a gift, acrylic keychains are a fun craft project. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, making your own acrylic keychain is an easy, cheap way to personalize a keychain.

Adding a photo

Adding a photo to an acrylic key chain is a simple way to give someone a personalized gift. They’re great for birthdays, holidays, and more. You can choose to insert a picture of a family member, a pet, or even contact information. This type of keychain can be used to carry the person’s phone, ID, or other information.


There are many ways to decorate a keychain, and one of the easiest is painting it. You can use acrylic paint and letter blanks to create a unique and personal keychain. Acrylic paint should be applied in two coats. You can also add resin charms to your keychain design.

You can also use a stencil to create the design of your acrylic keychain. This method can be useful if you don’t have much experience painting or don’t want to spend much time. Acrylic is a great way to express yourself while making a gift. However, you should make sure that the design is something you’re comfortable with. This way, you’ll know exactly what to paint.

Before you start painting, you’ll need to prep your acrylic blank. You can prep it by wiping it with isopropyl alcohol. You can also burn a vinyl monogram onto the acrylic, which you can find in a bundle of fonts called the Ultimate Crafter’s Font Bundle. Once the acrylic is prepped, use a silicone mat to protect your work surface. Once the acrylic is dry, you can add charms, tassels, beads, and more.

Sealing it with UV resin

If you’d like to protect your acrylic keychain from scratches, you should consider UV resin. This type of resin can be applied to curved surfaces without sacrificing the smoothness of the acrylic. Once it has been applied to the acrylic, you need to place it under a UV lamp to set it.

To apply UV resin to an acrylic keychain, first prep it. You’ll need a paper towel and isopropyl alcohol. If you plan to add a vinyl monogram, you can choose a font from the Ultimate Crafter’s Font Bundle. Next, place the keychain on a silicone mat to protect the surface of the keychain from damage.

Before applying the UV resin, make sure the acrylic keychain is completely clean and dry. This is very important to avoid air bubbles and cavities. If you pour too much resin, you may create cavities and air bubbles that will not be visible after the resin dries. You should be patient to ensure a successful cure. If you’re having difficulty, try using a stronger LED light or switching brands of resin.


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