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 Casino Do Son Hai Phong is the first legal casino to do business and operate in the field of gambling. This is not only a gambling business but also an attractive resort with a full range of different forms. Therefore, this casino has attracted a large number of people from all over the world. So, what are the special features of Do Son Casino that attracts such a large number of players, let’s find out with us through the article below.

About Casino Do Son Hai Phong

Do Son Casino was started construction in 1992, this is a casino owned by Hai Phong international tourism joint venture company. The original main purpose of this casino resort was to open up to attract a large number of foreign tourists. Gradually, to meet the needs of foreign tourists, this casino resort applied for a gambling business license to open a casino here

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In 1995, Do Son Casino officially went into business and became the first casino to do legal business in gambling in the whole territory of Vietnam. During the operation, at this casino, there were famous stories that shocked the entire staff system as well as the director of Do Son casino that many people still recall to this day.

Do Son Casino is one of the places with extremely unique and impressive architecture. This casino is built like an ancient castle with European design style standing tall, creating an unusually attractive feeling. It is located at the last peak of the 9-mountain mountain range like 9 dragons circling the sea at Do Son peninsula. This is the most special thing to be able to attract a lot of people curious about this type of architecture to visit and entertain here.

Do Son Casino has undergone 3 owners since its operation until now: the first is a Vietnamese owner who is also a genuine Hai Phong resident, the second owner is Mr. Tang Phat Bao who has 2 US citizenship – Trung, and the third person is also the current owner, Mrs. Clara Chan of Chinese descent

Security work at Do Son casino

According to the evaluation information of those who have had the opportunity to play here, the security at Do Son casino is second only to the police prison. Right from the aisles, guard posts were scattered about. From the outside to the door, there are 3 layers of protection. The player then has to go through a scanner to detect if there are foreign objects or devices with them. All items brought by players must be left outside if they want to enter this casino

When the roads were still not convenient, foreigners who wanted to go down to Do Son to gamble had to hire a helicopter. Guests in Saigon who want to play need to call in advance so that people at the casino come to the airport to pick them up. The image of the shuttle bus to pick up guests to play at the casino has become very familiar to Hai Phong people

It is because of the extremely strict control that visitors are often reminded to send their belongings. In addition, at this casino, people under the age of 18 are not allowed to participate. In particular, players are absolutely not allowed to bring cameras, camcorders or bags, foreign objects into the casino area. If you want to enter the game but do not get the consent of the joint venture leader, you absolutely cannot step in

Regulations of Do Son casino

When you want to play at Do Son casino, all players must meet the following rules of the casino

  • All players must use cash to change into chips or slots to be able to play. The chip denomination here is specified as the minimum as $ 1 and the largest as $ 5000
  • All players at Do Son Casino are not allowed to bet against each other and are only allowed to play against the house
  • When players don’t want to play anymore, they can use slots or chips to exchange for cash
  • Players must be over 21 years old, have an income of over 10 million/month and pay taxes at level 3 or higher
  • To enter, you have to buy a ticket for 1 million VND/day. Or you can also buy a monthly ticket for 25 million VND
  • Participants do not have their relatives send an application to the company or business to organize a casino to play
  • Players must prove their income through the guidance of the Ministry of Finance
  • Players must bring full identification such as visa or passport
  • Vietnamese are not allowed to enter here, only overseas Vietnamese or foreigners can enter

Discover games at Do Son casino

Do Son Casino has a variety of games for you to choose according to your preferences such as: Baccarat, Roullet, Big-small, Black jack, Poker…

When you play in Do Son casino, if you win in a bet, you will have to pay the house 5% of the amount that you have won. This is the amount of service fee at the table that you pay to the dealer

At the tables of Do Son casino, CCTV cameras will be installed, so players can enjoy playing here without having to worry about any problems.

At Do Son casino, there is also a separate space for guests who want to participate in big bets

Some notes when playing at Do Son casino

When deciding to participate in betting at Do Son casino, players should give themselves a certain amount of money or a maximum amount of time for betting. If within the time you have set, whether you are winning or losing, you should stop. You need to determine your main purpose is to have fun, but gambling can’t make you rich

In particular, when participating in Do Son casino, customers must always follow the rules of the casino to avoid unnecessary things happening during the game.

Above is an introductory article about Do Son Casino that we want to send to all players. Coming to Do Son casino, you not only experience extremely attractive games but also have a relaxing time with many attractive services here. And finally, don’t forget to follow website to update more interesting and interesting articles. Good luck to you

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