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 Dealer Corona888 is a well-known name in Southeast Asia and has become popular in the international market in recent years. corona888 known as the leading brand in the trends of the times, always updating quickly with global trends. Stay up-to-date with the latest news of this house through the following article.

Overview of the houseCorona888

Brief overview of the houseCorona888 

This is the first brand licensed by the Vietnamese government and went into operation on January 19, 2019. This is a big turning point for the online betting industry when it is recognized by a difficult market like Vietnam. This also helpsCorona888 beat the big brands operating in this country and become the leading trusted brand of Vietnamese people.

After 3 years of operation and development, Dealer Corona888 has achieved certain successes, earning millions of players, an international standard betting system and other prestigious rewards. Always maintain the website’s network connection at a stable level, the technical staff is on duty and fix the problems as quickly as possible.

 Dealer Corona888 always active in upgrading and perfecting products, quickly adding to the list of games the most popular game categories in the market. Collaborate with many big brands and famous game developers to be able to create the best quality playground for the community of players.

Highlights at the houseCorona888

Advantages that create the success of the houseCorona888 

Although it has only been present in the market for more than 3 years, this brand has made outstanding developments and is expected to become a “unicorn” in the future. What helps the house make such leaps, let’s find out through the following ideas:

  • Legally protected by the Vietnamese government, helpingCorona888 affirming the prestige and transparency in the domestic and international market.
  • Display Dealer Corona888 suitable for the number of Vietnamese people, multi-language update makes it easy for all players to identify and use effectively. Minimalist and sophisticated design style, suitable color tone selection, popularize many useful features to make it easier for players to experience.
  • The system of betting products is attractive, highly entertaining with a variety of genres such as shooting fish, sports, casino, … Quick update, diverse betting odds and flexible betting levels. active. For each game product, players can choose from many different game halls to better suit their own needs.
  • The security system is continuously adjusted and improved, has a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals, and quickly handles urgent cases. Provide players with a guarantee of material andHe believes personally, so you can rest assured when participating in betting at Corona888. 
  • Create conditions for players to hunt a lot of valuable gifts and prizes through attractive and interesting promotions. Special events are updated daily to help players freely compete for prizes.

Bookmaker’s FAQ sectionCorona888

Frequently asked questions atCorona888 

Although only a brand new to the market in recent years, the bookie has received countless questions from the player community, here are the most frequently asked questions.


How many accounts can a player create atCorona888?

In order to ensure fairness for all players and limit the abuse of the promotion, the house only allows each member to register only 1 account here. Corona888 has also issued strict policies related to this issue, if it is detected that a player uses 2 or more accounts, they will issue a warning and permanently lock the nick.

Way withdraw money at the houseCorona888 when the account is locked?

Instructions for withdrawing money when your account is locked atCorona888 

In certain cases, the player’s account will be locked for investigation and review when unusual access and activity is detected. For this incident, you have two solutions as follows: one is to wait for a while for the account to be unlocked and proceed with the withdrawal transaction, the other is to contact the staff and provide Verification information for withdrawal support.

When the house website Corona888 error what to do?

The problem of website errors is very rare, however, if players encounter this situation, they should take the following steps:

  • Log out of the login link and perform access operations again.
  • Check if the network connection of the device you are using is stable or not.
  • Access the backup links provided earlier if still unable to access the old link.


 Dealer Corona888 is a Vietnamese brand that players trust and choose to join in recent times. With the information disseminated in the above article, hopefully, you will have a lot of useful information about the bookie and have the opportunity to experience the products and services here.


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