Best Things You Can Do Using Your Macbook

In the current digital age, there are so many gadgets that make our work easy, accurate and less time-consuming both at home and at work. One of the best things about the gadgets used and created today is that they are easily available online on Amazon and using the brand’s official websites. Apple products are one of such examples that are preferred by people around the world. They are reliable, are more innovative and provide users with the best apps to work with.

You can get the latest updates from the world of technology using different programs and news on the latest innovations and keep yourself updated. One of the best ways to do so is to use Spectrum Cable TV services. You can use news programs by Spectrum TV Select channels to get information in a very affordable and entertaining way. Also, you can use their internet services to make your work at home and office more efficient as well. For now, let’s get information on things that you can do using your Macbook:

Talk and Listen to Your Mac

Macs were capable of communicating with users using dictation and things maximized with the creation of Siri on the Mac lineup. You can use this by holding down the Command and Space keys and use Siri just like you use it on the iPhone. If you have a new version of the Mac like the MacBook Pro that came out in the year 2018 and use it just by saying “Hey Siri”. One of the best things about Siri is that it is more useful on the Mac. You can use Siri for getting information on weather, news updates, launch apps use Wi-Fi.

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Use Spotlight for Unit Conversions

You can do basic calculations by using Spotlight and now you can even perform unit conversions. If you feel like dictating your virtual assistant like “12 pounds in stones”. You can do the same by typing the amount and the unit that you want to convert and your Mac will get you many other alternatives and conversions at the same time.

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Hide and Show Menu Bar Easily

Using the Mac, you can easily hide and show the Menu Bar by opening the System Preferences and moving to General. Then you can click on “Automatically hide and show the menu bar.” After you tick the box off, the menu bar is going to reappear when you move your mouse towards the top of the screen that gets at all your menus.

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Take screenshots of any size

For many people who use Windows, taking screenshots can be one of the most used actions and this applies to both domestic and business users alike. Using a Mac to do so makes things streamlined and quite simple by using the Shift + Command + 3 keys at the same time and the screenshot will get stored on your desktop will store the screenshot on your desktop and if you want to capture a certain part of the screen then you can use Shift + Command + 4. Also, if you want to To only capture an individual window, you can press Shift + Command + 4, then hit space and click the window you’re trying to capture. There are so many ways your Mac can make taking screenshots very easy.

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Use Exotic Characters

Apart from all the additions to letters and symbols that we use on the keyboard, you would love to know that there are so many special characters that you can type on the Mac. You can go on Edit and see different Special Characters present at the bottom. You might get to see a wide range of symbols that you can drag into your documents. It is a possibility that not every app or OS will support them, but they are part of the cross-platform Unicode standard and you can see more by clicking the cog and reveal more of these. Using Emojis which are fun to use when you are messaging or emailing, are a notable exception and other recipients might like them as well.

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You Can Share Things Easily with Friends

You can share a lot of things with your friends and contacts using the Share button or the arrow going up out of a box. This might look like the best option. One of the best things that doing the same using a Macbook is that it keeps track of what you how and the individual to whom you share your stuff the most.

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Sign Papers on Screen

If you have a paperless environment at your workplace and are working from home, this is one of the things about the Macbook that can be very helpful. In case you have an important document emailed to you then you can straightaway sign it and email it back to the sender as a PDF.

For this, you can drag the PDF in the email you are about to send and hover over it and look for a little button that might appear. Click the button and get a wide range of Markup options. You can add a signature using a signed piece of paper up and use the webcam on your Mac. It will cut out the background. You can use your trackpad to create a signature too.

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In the end, one can say that if you have a Macbook with you, you will find your work easy and more streamlined. These machines and gadgets might not be very cost-effective for some people. But these can be a worthwhile investment. You can buy these gadgets and then perform almost any operation related to your work.

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