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The alleged kingpin of the Indian Mujahideen outfit wanted to undergo police verification after the bombings in Delhi and Ahmedabad. On the 14th of September, detentions began in the Jamia Nagar area. While this area was known to the public, it was not a likely destination for real terrorists. It is also possible that the encounter took place elsewhere in the city.

In the morning, locals set out to buy iftaar fare. They can stop at Ahmed Faini’s stall to buy a kilo of red-meat sevaiya for Rs 60. There are also streetside thelas filled with falooda, chaat, jalebi, and pakoras. Policemen are on duty in the area, and guava chaat is served for a small fee.

At the same time, the police had a lead on the IM commander. On September 19, a special cell raided the flat and killed two terrorists. One of the alleged terrorists, Mohan Chand Sharma, died in Holy Family hospital. Another alleged terrorist, Md. Saif, was arrested from the site and later convicted of murder. In the raid, the police also recovered several explosives from the house.

Javed Qadim lives a few streets away from Batla House. He is the oldest of 56 children living at the Zakat Foundation’s Happy Home. He was one of 28 children brought to the house on June 26, 2002 from relief camps in riot-hit Gujarat. Today, Qadim does not play outside with his friends as much as he used to. Many parents want their children indoors.

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