7 Steps to Creating a Modern Living Room

Making a living space from scratch may be challenging but rewarding. How to start? How should a living room be decorated? Colors? Patterns? Best furniture? How can you make an empty space usable and reflect your style?

We’ve compiled the greatest guide to living rooms to help you plan and decorate without feeling overwhelmed. From choosing a color palette and textures to living room lighting and window treatments.

Decide on an Overall Style (Or Mix of Styles)

The best place to start when designing a living room is with a plan. How would the living room of your dreams look? Then work from there in a more realistic way. Before you buy furniture or hire decorators, you should have a clear idea of how you want the room to look.

Choose the Right Layout for Your Living Room

Next, it makes sense to think about the layout of the room before you decide on colors and furniture since the layout you choose could affect these choices. A living room has to do a lot of different things, so the way it’s set up should reflect that.

Invest in Key Pieces in Living Room Furniture

If you need to buy new furniture for your living room makeover, think about your choices as you think about colors and patterns. It may have been a piece of furniture that got you started on this whole project, in which case, let that piece help you make some decisions.

Think about color schemes for the living room

Look at the room’s size, height, and form for color suggestions. Before painting, consider the room’s color palette. Choosing a neutral color scheme focused on white may make a tiny living space appear larger and brighter.

Don’t use only paint

Paint isn’t the only way to add color to your walls, of course. Living room wallpaper ideas are also something to think about when you’re designing your living room. We say go for it if you find a wallpaper you really like.

Factor in practical living room storage

Living room storage might not be the most exciting part of designing a living room, but it’s a must-have if you want a space that works well and isn’t cluttered. But storage can be both beautiful and useful, so choose pieces that will add something to the room and go well with the other furniture.

Don’t forget window dressing

Even though it might be one of the last things you add to the room, the style and design of your living room window treatments shouldn’t be the last thing you decide on. They can add so much to a room by giving it color, pattern, texture, privacy, and warmth.


You may find a plethora of living room design inspiration online. There are so many living room styles to choose from that the process may become tedious and stressful. Small changes like these may have a big impact on the appearance of your living room furniture, and they don’t have to cost a fortune.


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